4th of July Singing Time


For the 4th of July I would get red, white, and blue decorations from around your house and tape a song to each of the decorations.  Have kids come up and pick a decoration and tell the group why they are proud to be living in the USA.  It is good to have kids remind each other of how lucky we are to be Americans. 

Here’s some decorations from my house…lots to choose from!

Another idea is to have little flags you purchase from the dollar store or Hobby Lobby. I found them at Hobby Lobby for 49 cents each. You could buy 8 flags to decorate your house and use them also in singing time                                              

 Pass them out to the class singing the nicest and they get to wave the flags on the next song. This is just a mini motivator to have some good singing happening.

I’d bring a few things from my Table Decs too!

I noticed at Walmart that they have red white and blue decorated Taffy pieces for only a few bucks and it’s a GIANT BAG! You could do a tic tac toe game using red white and blue Xs and Os and yarn and the winning team gets the candy or just use it to give one for each child that comes up and shares why they are proud to be living in the USA.  An Independence Day link to a Quiz is HERE.   Happy 4th of July Everybody!


Primary Song Apron

                                      Choose and Review Apron

I got a new idea from Matilda at Primary Primary Singing Time with Matilda LINK HERE.  She has the kids come up and choose a song from one of the pockets. This would be very easy to make with old scraps of material. But you could also just go buy a really cute, large, gift bag from the dollar store and write the songs one folded up papers inside. 


I had an additional idea to do. I always have kids do a job when they come up. So you could have kids pick the song and then for a gummy worm they have to recite the first line of the song. Then go pick a friend to do the 2nd line of the song for a gummy bear or worm. Kids will do lots of nutty things for a gummy worm!

Then when the song is recited completely sing the song!  Fun additions to this could be 1. sing hopping on 1 foot, 2. sing it while doing the twist swaying side to side, 3. Sing while snapping your fingers, 4. march in place. These all are fun ways to break up the primary singing time minutes with a little get up and move!


Then switch and have someone else come up and pick a new song.  This would be a fun activity to bring out every few months.  The primary singing bag or apron.

She also had a fun idea using Dollar Store Big Ears.  If she can’t hear the kids singing she puts on the big ears for another chorus of singing the song.  That would be a funny way to motivate kids to sing louder. Thanks

                                   I can


Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

Summer has finally arrived in Utah! We have snow melting so fast everybody is worried about floods now! One week we had 10 new inches of snow, the next week it was in the 70s! Crazy weather! But I think summer is FINALLY HERE!


So sing Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree! It is a favorite of all the Sunbeams, that’s for sure.  It can be a fun thing to do while practicing the monthly song and resinging all the ones you have taught so far. 

Another fun thing to do is substitute the word ‘pop’ with another action. For example: us  dance-corn, clap-corn, hop-corn, kickbox-corn, cheer-corn, snap-corn, etc. (then do the actions during this verse of the song…ie. do some kickboxing while singing the song, or some cheerleading with pantomimed pom poms!)

I looked out the window and what did I see?
Have the kids come up with different 1 syllable words to use instead of “pop”  It is silly but it would be fun for the little ones.

A fun game that you could play is to have kids roll a dice or spin a spinner. Then write on the board 6 different funny things the kids must do while they sing the song. So if they roll a 1, all the kids sing on one leg; Roll a 2 boys hum and girls sing; Roll a 3 girls hum and boys sing; Roll a 4 and Everybody trades chairs to sing. Roll a 5 and everybody whistles the chorus of the song; Roll a 6 and kids have to sing in an opera voice or birdy voice.  Have fun with whatever you write up on the board for 1 – 6. Change it up to suit your kids.
           If you don’t have a spinner from one of your kids games and can’t make one, then use a paper clip and a pencil and just spin that way on a round circle cut into 6 pie pieces. The paper clip will stop spinning on one of the 6 pie pieces (you have numbered them 1 – 6) and that will be the action you do during the song.  Kids will LOVE this! And it will keep them engaged to resing all your songs over and over.                               


Hula Hoop Singing


I have 6 hula hoops in my classroom at school. I took them home for the summer so my grandkids can play with them. I had a fun idea for a Primary chorister activity.


Have 3 kids come up at a time and try to hula hoop all through the singing of the song. As they drop their hula hoops they are out and have to stand still inside the hula hoop. The winner is the one who stays hula hooping and is still twirling the hula hoop by the end of the verse and chorus. 


Then the 3 kids get to go pick out 3 more kids for the next song.  Maybe even 4 kids. I think it would be a fun activity to watch and to actually DO!  Too bad I could never hula hoop. I’m too uncoordinated still!

For the Song I would practice the “I Love to See The Temple” song. Here is a flipchart from Sugardoodle.