Hula Hoop Singing


I have 6 hula hoops in my classroom at school. I took them home for the summer so my grandkids can play with them. I had a fun idea for a Primary chorister activity.


Have 3 kids come up at a time and try to hula hoop all through the singing of the song. As they drop their hula hoops they are out and have to stand still inside the hula hoop. The winner is the one who stays hula hooping and is still twirling the hula hoop by the end of the verse and chorus. 


Then the 3 kids get to go pick out 3 more kids for the next song.  Maybe even 4 kids. I think it would be a fun activity to watch and to actually DO!  Too bad I could never hula hoop. I’m too uncoordinated still!

For the Song I would practice the “I Love to See The Temple” song. Here is a flipchart from Sugardoodle.

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