Fishing for Primary Singing Time

I found a cute website that had some downloadable “fish” for you to make your “fishing for songs game. It is at this LINK HERE.  You could then get a dowel and a magnet and some string and make a fishing pole for your primary kids to “fish for a songfish”.  She has other free printable animals too. It’s a fun site.

Meet the Dubiens blogger Jill Dubien made up this fishing pole with real twigs.
 Her Blog tutorial for a cool magnet Fishing Pole  for Primary is HERE.

Fishing Pole and Fish for Singing Time


Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green?
Do you fish in the stream, or lazily dream on the banks as the clouds go by?Is that what you do? So do I! Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green?Do you swim in a pool, to keep yourself cool, or swing in a tree up high? Is that what you do? So do I! Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green? Do you march in parades, or drink lemonades, or count all the stars in the sky? Is that what you do? So do I!
This is a really fun song to do in the summer because all the kids are busy doing all of these very same things.  Now it might be fun to get out your little fishing pole you made up in January and go fishing again since it names this activity in the song. (Do you fish in the stream?)
 While you are singing try to make up actions with the kids to each of the activities you do in summer. The younger ones will be able to remember words this way. (example…march standing up while you sing “march in parades” )
Fishing Pole and Fishing for Primary Singing Time
The kids love to come up and use the dowel with string and a round magnet  tied onto the end. Then the laminated fish of every kind have large paper clips on them. The kids “GO FISHING FOR SONGS” to try to get the magnet to attach on to the metal paper clips and they have “caught” a fish. They love watching each other try to fish.

Here I am demonstrating my dowel and how to use the FISHING POLE FOR PRIMARY SINGING TIME. Everybody always wants a turn!
Fishing for Songs for Primary Singing Time
This fun summertime song also lends itself to just making up motions to swimming, swinging, drinking lemonade…the littler kids would love pantomiming the actions in the song and it would help them remember the words.
This is a great song and a super activity to try.  Remember to write the song names on the back in NON permanent marker so they are easily wiped off  for using again!

Well…..hope to  see you fishing on the lake!

Grandpa with little Megan

We’ve got Musical Measles Singing Time Idea

I love this idea that I heard of recently that was done in a friend’s primary for music time. The kids in primary LOVE stickers and are motivated to sing if they know they can earn a sticker of any kind. So why not get some round stickers, maybe happy face stickers but call them “MEASLES”.  And the kids can earn a measles!

 “It’s measle motivation”!


Pass out a strip of a dozen stickers to each of the teachers.  After each song, tell the kids “Your teachers are going to give you the MEASLES if your singing is great!”  Then just lead the songs like you normally would, showing the visual aids, or just directing. 

You can point out to the teacher somebody YOU think deserves a measle sticker, but it is really going to be their jobs. Have them put it right on the kids’ faces.  It is super fun.  That way each class will be motivated and recognized.

Pioneer Day Singing Time


I did a fun activity last year for Pioneer day July 24 that would be fun to do again. It was called “What is Your Favorite PIE-O-NEER” Song? (but it really means…..what’s your favorite PIE!)

What’s YOUR favorite Pioneer song?

I made a little pie chart with 8 different kinds of pies on the top listed; banana cream, blueberry, chocolate, lemon, etc. and the kids would come up and choose their favorite pie. I cut slits on either sides of the pie pieces but left about 2 inches up at the middle uncut, so the pie would stay together.  Underneath each pie piece was a song we needed to practice mixed in with 4 pioneer songs from the songbook.

Pioneer Songs for Pioneer Day….

It might be fun to bring in a few spatulas and have the kids come up and direct the music leading with a pie spatula or a pancake turner. That would be a lot of fun. Here are the songs I did;
1. Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked Flipchart from Jollyjenn is HERE.
2. The Handcart Song  The Handcart Song from Sugar Doodle link is HERE.
3. To Be a Pioneer

If You’re a Pioneer and You Know it then Your Face Will Surely Show it!!!

4. If You’re Happy and You Know It (change the words to If You’re a Pioneer and You Know It) and then use the motions clap your hands, march on the trail, shout “This is the Place”. 

Pioneer Day Singing Time!

It’s an imporant day to honor the pioneers. So maybe a short pioneer story in between singing the songs if you have extra time would be in order.  I can’t imagine how hard being a pioneer was in their day. I wouldn’t want to trade places with them, that’s for sure.  But I bet they wouldn’t trade places with us if they had the chance either. It’s not a cakewalk living in our crazy times. (or a Pie-o-neer trek…LOL) Happy Pioneer Day!                                           

Watercolor Vase Singing Time

This idea was adapted from “The Crazy Chorister’s” post on Measuring Vase.  You could use a vase, a glass jar, or a clear glass pitcher… anything clear where the kids can see the water rising.   A tall vase or container that is thin would work the best.  Maybe a tall tube type vase.
Get some food coloring and choose a bright color to tint the water in a different container or pitcher.  Then tell the kids you are going to add water to the vase depending on how well the groups sings.  Tell them you are looking for 4 things; 1. singing the words correctly, 2. singing pretty with feeling, 3. everybody participating,  and 4.watching you while you switch signs between “sing soft” and “sing loud” so you know they are really paying attention.

Use any kind of flowers, any kind of tall, clear vase!

Then pick your first song.   You can have a few silk flowers in the vase (or paper ones on a plastic straw stem) and have somebody come up and pick flower 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.  Then have a little piece of tape sticking out of each flower or straw with the song name on it.  Then sing the song after that flower is chosen.  Then tell them what you thought; really great, so-so, or just okay, and add that much water.   Motivate them to get up to the next line and draw a line with a marker.

I would use 5 to 6 flowers with song names attached….

Then pick another child to pick the next flower.  The vase will be filled with colored water by the time your singing time minutes are up.  You could try starting with yellow water and then adding red to see if it turns orange. Then add more red to turn the orange to red.  That would add to the fun and motivation!

Alternate the signs “Loud” and “Soft” while they sing to add to the fun….Start with yellow water….add red to it….watch it colorchange!  

Thanks Crazy Chorister for your ideas. It helps to have some new ones now and then doesn’t it? Keep up the good work everybody!

Let’s Go Golfing Primary Singing Time

My kids took a Jr. Golfing course when they were little kids. They were given little Jr. sized putters and golf clubs. See if you can find a small putter or golf club good for kids and bring it into primary. Then collect a bag or bucket of golf balls.

Try a Primary Singing Time Golf Game for fun and participation!

Use a trash can or a bucket to catch the balls (laying on it’s side). Mark it with a sign that says “HOLE IN ONE”.  Then draw white circles out of construction paper and number them 1 to 8. They are “golf balls”. Write the names of the songs on the back and tape  them up on the board.  We are playing Primary Golf!

(I also happen to see little metal and plastic golf clubs for kids at K-Mart for $5.00 and $7.00 so I bought a set for my grandkids…it also comes with the holes in one and extra golf balls! What luck!)

Use a bucket or trash basket for the “hole in one” for Primary Singing Time
Fore!  Look out while I putt!

Choose 1 child to come up, pick a ball off the board, then tell the group the name of the song that’s on the back.  The teacher picks a few kids to stand up and recite each line. Go through entire song this way.

Here we are hiking Snow Canyon in St. George. We don’t golf much, but we do find a good hike fun! 

 Then have “reciters” come up….Maybe 4 to 6 are needed to  recite the lines of the song. (Skip choruses) If they do so correctly they get a chance to “putt”.  Make the group line up and they get a point for their “class team” if they get a hole in one.

Number some paper balls for song choices for Primary Singing Time (listed on back of balls)

 Then we all sing the song together.   Hopefully the putting will go rather quickly.  Then start over, picking another child to go choose a golf ball off the board for the next song. Be sure and bring a few extra golf balls! Have fun golfing in singing time!