Primary Music Time Games with Skittles

I Got this idea from another website HERE called PrimarySingingTime.  She uses a bag of Skittles and pulls names out of a cup for kids to come to the front. They have to close their eyes and put a Skittle in their mouth and try to guess the color/flavor. If they are right they get to pick the next song! But if they are wrong, the music director picks. That would be a great and fun way on a day when you don’t HAVE to teach a certain song, like in October when most of the Primary Presentations are done. 

Skittles games for Primary Singing Time 

You could do a similar game  on a whiteboard using Skittles (or M&Ms). Write the words to a song with the SKITTLES  variety of colors with markers. Then pick a child to come up and turn their backs away from the board. The pianist plays the song and  the students sing until you hold up the stop sign. They have to sing the next 2 words to get 2 skittles. If they can say/sing the next 2 words let them pick 2 SKITTLES! They will LOVE IT! 

Fun Singing Time Games using Skittles