Musical Instruments in Primary

This week I would use one of my Musical Instrument ideas from January. I like to take out my BOYS SING and GIRLS SING signs and HUM and WHISTLE and some xlophone bells and tone bells or whatever you have.  I have tambourines, wood blocks, sticks, jingle bells, but the xylophone is the kids’ favorite. I bought 3 of these for my classroom and they work great in primary too! The link is here for Musician’s Friend 25 Bell Set. It is in a cool blue case that is great for toting back and forth.
Wood Xylophone-8 Note        8 Note, C-C         Bells Out Of Case

There are so many kinds of instruments like the ones above that are professional sounding and the kids love them. The last set is ideal because you can split up the notes and give different kids a resonator bell and it always sounds pretty no matter what they play as long as it is on the beat. It adds so much to music.

                              Girls SING!

      Boys Sing!

A link for the Xylophones or tone bells is at Musician’s Friend at this Music Website. For performance I figure out the chords and teach 2 of them to play coordinating chords that go with a chorus. Last year we did it on FOLLOW THE PROPHET and it added a little dimension to the song.

Also, the kids don’t realize they are resinging all the songs over and over because they are engrossed in watching whomever is up playing the bells. It’s a great drill week.