Olympics Singing Time Using OLYMPIC RINGS

Make up some Olympic Rings out of some kind of construction paper, wrapping paper, poster board or just print them out and glue them on a poster. Put the OLYMPIC RINGS on the floor! Have a child throw a beanbag and then, sing whatever song the beanbag lands on. You could tape little white pieces of paper inside the rings OR if you put some tape over a section, just write with a dry erase marker on top.

Then have the kids stand 3 feet away and throw a few beanbags! I like ideas like this because it is easy to make up and some weeks you simply have to practice the songs over and over to get them learned. But if kids have a game to play along with singing, it sure is more fun. And most of you are practicing like crazy for the Primary Presentation coming up!! 
Bean Bags can be made from old colored socks with rice poured into the toe and tied off and cut. Super Easy! Or buy a colorful set like this at Oriental Trading for $10.00! 


 Anything that would be fun and motivating for the kids will be helpful during these last few weeks of practice before the big day.  Have fun all you stars out there!