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I got a new idea from Matilda at Primary Primary Singing Time with Matilda LINK HERE.  She has the kids come up and choose a song from one of the pockets. This would be very easy to make with old scraps of material. But you could also just go buy a really cute, large, gift bag from the dollar store and write the songs one folded up papers inside. 


I had an additional idea to do. I always have kids do a job when they come up. So you could have kids pick the song and then for a gummy worm they have to recite the first line of the song. Then go pick a friend to do the 2nd line of the song for a gummy bear or worm. Kids will do lots of nutty things for a gummy worm!

Then when the song is recited completely sing the song!  Fun additions to this could be 1. sing hopping on 1 foot, 2. sing it while doing the twist swaying side to side, 3. Sing while snapping your fingers, 4. march in place. These all are fun ways to break up the primary singing time minutes with a little get up and move!


Then switch and have someone else come up and pick a new song.  This would be a fun activity to bring out every few months.  The primary singing bag or apron.

She also had a fun idea using Dollar Store Big Ears.  If she can’t hear the kids singing she puts on the big ears for another chorus of singing the song.  That would be a funny way to motivate kids to sing louder. Thanks

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