February Chorister Ideas ONE IN A MILLION SONG

HERE is a beautiful flipchart of the new song ONE IN A MILLION. It has beautiful pictures to go along with the words, and so colorful, I LOVE IT! But NOT as much as I love my new grandbaby! She’s a cutie isn’t she? Here she is in her Valentines Day outfit.

 Another shout out goes to my sister-in-law Robin who just got released from being Primary Chorister after 7 YEARS! 7 YEARS PEOPLE!! She is awesome! She’s one in a million. I don’t know anybody whose had the calling as long as that and still loved it immensely.

She’s One in a Million, isn’t she?

Well, the new song One in a Million also reminds me of 20 years ago at a halftime show in Los Angeles California where Michael Jackson did the Super Bowl. 3 of my kids were in it. It was a big event in their lives. They were a part of a children’s choir that got asked to do a lot of Hollywood events, movies and were on record recordings as background singers occasionally.  The song they did was called “We Are The World, We Are The Children”.

My 3 kids were the Ireland boy in the green beanie (Devin 8) The Dutch Girl with the weird white (flying nun looking) hat (Tiffany 12) and the Black, fuzzy Russian hat and red shirt boy (Jeff 10). They are all to MJ’s right about 5 kids over once everybody is onstage.

Songs like these really bring people together of every culture. I raised my children in Long Beach, California which was a port city where boats from all over the world docked with new immigrants and refugees coming to America to look for a better life. Yup. That’s why America is still the best place on earth to live. We are so lucky here. We are the world melting pot.

One in a Million is my new fav song.Check it out HERE to hear how it sounds. The kids will love singing it. Click HERE for Sheet Music. HERE is the flipchart.

I’d sing it using Flags from around the world. You could put song names behind the other flags along with this song. Or you could use pictures of different kids dressed in different costumes from around the world and tape them up on the chalkboard and have kids pick the pictures. Have fun with this awesome new song!