Father’s DAY of course!

Next week would be a good time to start practicing a fathers day number or two. Since the Bishop is the father of the ward, maybe the song “He’s Our Bishop” would be in order. My personal favorite is “I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home.” It is so cute for little guys to sing it. And it is easy to learn.

The link to Jolli Jenn’s flipchart of “Daddy’s Homecoming” is HERE.  It’s a really cute song I loved doing.
Another cute one I love is “I Know My Father Lives” which would also be appropriate for Father’s day. It is sung about Heavenly Father, of course. It is short and sweet and a flipchart from Jollli Jenn can be found HERE. I remember one of my sons singing this as a duet with me one Father’s Day when he was only 4.

Now he’s got a little 10 month old girl of his own. She is a cutie too.

You could also teach actions to go with the song “Daddy’s Homecoming” that would be cute for the kids to do in Sacrament Meeting. After all, it’s only fair if they did Mother’s Day to not forget the dads!  “Clap my hands and SHOUT (hands outsides of mouth) for joy and climbing motion for climb upon his knee (slap knees). Put my arms around his neck you could criss cross the arms in front and then do a hugging back and forth motion for “hug him tight like this” and then of course you have to do the GREAT BIG KISS motion using your hand to blow a big kiss. Dads will love that.  Happy singing!