April Singing Time- Each Class Sing a Line

This April is turning out to be a freezing, frigid one! What happened to the sunshine we got a few weeks ago at Easter time? I keep waiting for a nice day to do some of my flower beds! Come on Spring!

Easter Sunday with my little granddaughters. They are so sweet. 

 One fun idea I had awhile back was getting different classes to sing different lines of the songs. It is a good way to get them to learn the song words faster too, because everyone will be listening to see if they get the words right!

Want to see Spring beauty in the world?  Come here to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.

After you introduce the new song choice (It could be one you did a previous year) and have sung it through a few times to your flipchart.  Then give each class one of the flipchart pages to practice as you sing the song for them along with the piano. When it gets to their part you can point to them and they will start to sing it along with you. Then point to another class to do the next line.

Each class sings a different line of the song.

 Do this several times till you feel like each class is getting the song. And it is so fun to make a big deal of pointing to the class that is singing. They will crack up a little at first and then tentatively sing along. You will have to still sing with each class so they keep on the beat and line.  Everybody gets into this fun activity.Try it. It’s fun.

Filling the eggs with candy was so fun for the grandkids…..seeing them race around searching was even funnier. 

Now a variation on this can be done next.  Have the first line people then sing along with the 2nd line people.  The best way to do this would be to have one person from each class come up in front holding the flip chart page. Then when it is their class’s turn they hold it up high and sing along. Then they sing along with the one next to them going around till everyone is singing the last line.  That’s a lot of fun too. So check it out!


Conference Time Activities for Kids

Conference is coming soon. HERE is a cute CONFERENCE BINGO game that kids will enjoy.

 You could do a neat singing time next week on all the primary songs about temples and then do a little quiz about how many temples were announced and where they are being built

Here is the Provo City temple getting a cool remodeling! You could do some temple songs for singing time!

New temples are usually announced during conference sometime. It will be fun to see what is planned!Link HERE to a great lesson with a temple mobile on the importance of temples by Robert D. Hales. It is short and easy to see how you could use it as a little lesson to do with singing time and temples.

I’d use temple pictures from the library each with a song on the back having to do with temples.

The Lord Gave Me a Temple #153
Families Can Be Together Forever #188
I Love to See The Temple #95
The Hearts of the Children #92, 93
This is God’s House #30
Truth from Elijah #90, 91

Temples singing Time

A cute coloring page for the song is HERE.  You could pass this out at the end of singing time for kids to take home and color. br />

 You could show them a conference Bingo card and maybe do a few of the squares linking them to a song with that word in it as you sing a range of songs. Have 2 colors of bingo chips (red for girls, blue for boys) and have a little competition throughout the 20 minutes of singing time to see how many words kids can hear and raise their hand to go cover with the “chips” which could just be colored circles of paper.

Here is Conference Bingo

Another song by Steven Perry and words by Brad Wilcox and it’s HERE copied from The Friend Magazine. Here is the first verse….

1. Of all the Sundays of the year,
the ones I love the best
are conf’rence Sundays twice a year,
so diff’rent from the rest.
I gather with my family
and feel the Spirit near
as I prepare to understand
the messages I hear.

Sing President Monson’s favorite Primary Song, “Give Said the Little Stream”. 

One bunch is from the church website. The link is HERE at LDS.org. There is a Bingo game for words that you hear in talks, a bunch of coloring pages, and some journaling pages to write in and color.

You could also sing one of President Monson’s favorite Primary songs! In his autobiography he said that he enjoyed singing “Give Said the Little Stream”. That’s one even the sunbeams can sing!
Here is some additional verses to the song that were written by Kimball Brown. 

Give Said the Little Stream
Additional lyrics: Kimball Brown
Lead: Ben Haacke

Give said the little stream
Give, oh give
Give, oh give
Give said the little stream
As it hurried down the hill
I’m small I know but wherever I go
The grass grows greener still
Give said the little rain
Give, oh give
Give, oh give
Give said the little rain
As it fell upon the flowers
I’ll raise their weary heads again
As it fell upon the flowers
Singing, singing all the day
Give away, oh give away
Singing, singing all the day
Give, oh give away

The Sunday before General Conference is a great time to do President Monson’s favorite Primary song! 

Give what is in your heart
Give away, Give away
Give what is in your heart
And your heart will ever live
Laugh when you’re filled with joy
Laugh away, laugh away
Laugh when you’re filled with joy
For laughing’s giving too
Give all you’ve got to give
Give away, give away
Give all you’ve got to give
Sing when your heart is full
Sing away, sing away
Sing when your heart is full
For singing’s giving too

Another packet can be printed out from Sugardoodle. The link is HERE at Sugardoodle.

Lots of activities can be found at Sugardoodle website for General Conference. 
A cute activity for elementary age kids would be this one. They listen to the talks with you, then color the sections of the fall pumpkins that have that word written that they just heard in a talk. It helps them to get something from conference by listening to the speakers with a little more attention! What an excellent idea from A Little Tipsy’s website
I’m looking forward to General Conference tomorrow! I wish I had tickets. I’ll just have to watch it in my jammies all snug by the fire. 😀