Primary Singing Time BINGO GAMES!

I have done PRIMARY BINGO GAMES in singing time for lots of the seasons. A cute one for Christmas is below. Woo Hoo! I love me a freebie!

For Christmas I do J-E-S-U-S along the top, and for  Thanksgiving we do T-H-A-N-K-S.  Just make up some clip art pictures of 16 (4 x 4 grid) OR 9 (3 x 3 grid of pictures)  that have to do with the season. Then I cover each of the pictures with just colored paper squares or wrapping or scrapbook paper squares. Then put a number on each square that covers each picture. When the kids pick just put a sticker dot in their class’ color to distinguish one class from another. Or you could just play till the end of your time and whichever class has the most dots wins a prize.

Christmas Bingo Game – Make your own BIG ONE!

A FREE downloadable bingo card from DTK for Kids is fun and easy to do. The link is HERE. It will give you ideas for every holiday under the sun. And if you have a color printer it will be CUTE TOO! That’s always high on my list. hehe.

Get a copy of these 8 Bingo Cards for your family party or to use in a small class in Primary.

At Crazy Little Projects is a FREE Thanksgiving Bingo  I made up for my family and grandkids to play at Thanksgiving. It is super cute pictures for even little kids to be able to play. There are 8 bingo cards. Another one with words under the pictures is HERE at Instant Bingo

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If you do small bingo cards I’d give each class a few cards to share and as we call out a few of the items and somebody gets a bingo, they come up to get a bag of licorice or Smartees or lollypops for their class and then you sing a new song.

Another idea is to do MAKE A Singing Time SCARECROW!Just make a large circle face and a hat out of colored paper or scrapbook paper and then bring a bag full of these cutouts. 2 large EYES, Yellow HAIR,  SHIRT,  NOSE,   FUNNY MOUTH,  BOW for shirt. If you want more you could add a Sunflower or black crow on the hat.  Use these items for a pick something out of the bag game and add to the scarecrow face each time kids pick from the bag. Then sing the song number on the back of that item. 

DTK for Kids also have a Bible Bingo that might work too. I copied the calling cards printables and the link is HERE. Just peruse their topics, decide if you want pictures or words (vocabulary option) and then PRINT! I use them a lot in my classroom for theme days too.

I have pocket charts from my classroom so that is an easy way to put the pictures up. Another is to put a little piece of magnet on them. Our primary chalkboard is magnetized.

Promag Round Magnets, 3/4", 50/pkg
This package is $5.00 from Walmart. You would seriously NEVER run out! 

You can get small circular magnets from Roberts or Michaels for a few dollars. They will last you a long time too and are very convenient for putting posters and stuff up on the board.

Fun Spring Bingo Games – choose 9, 16 or 25 spots

You can also just choose a child to come up and ask them to tell something they are thankful for.  They could come up and put a marker on the Bingo Board. You could make it easier and just do 3 in a row and have 15 pictures or phrases covered up. They have cute holiday and seasons bingo pictures that would be cute to make up for holidays. Happy Holidays by the way!