Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

Summer has finally arrived in Utah! We have snow melting so fast everybody is worried about floods now! One week we had 10 new inches of snow, the next week it was in the 70s! Crazy weather! But I think summer is FINALLY HERE!


So sing Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree! It is a favorite of all the Sunbeams, that’s for sure.  It can be a fun thing to do while practicing the monthly song and resinging all the ones you have taught so far. 

Another fun thing to do is substitute the word ‘pop’ with another action. For example: us  dance-corn, clap-corn, hop-corn, kickbox-corn, cheer-corn, snap-corn, etc. (then do the actions during this verse of the song…ie. do some kickboxing while singing the song, or some cheerleading with pantomimed pom poms!)

I looked out the window and what did I see?
Have the kids come up with different 1 syllable words to use instead of “pop”  It is silly but it would be fun for the little ones.

A fun game that you could play is to have kids roll a dice or spin a spinner. Then write on the board 6 different funny things the kids must do while they sing the song. So if they roll a 1, all the kids sing on one leg; Roll a 2 boys hum and girls sing; Roll a 3 girls hum and boys sing; Roll a 4 and Everybody trades chairs to sing. Roll a 5 and everybody whistles the chorus of the song; Roll a 6 and kids have to sing in an opera voice or birdy voice.  Have fun with whatever you write up on the board for 1 – 6. Change it up to suit your kids.
           If you don’t have a spinner from one of your kids games and can’t make one, then use a paper clip and a pencil and just spin that way on a round circle cut into 6 pie pieces. The paper clip will stop spinning on one of the 6 pie pieces (you have numbered them 1 – 6) and that will be the action you do during the song.  Kids will LOVE this! And it will keep them engaged to resing all your songs over and over.                               


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