Summer Primary Singing Time- Suitcase of Songs

Summer Vacation is a fun time to go camping. So since summer is winding down now,  let’s do some fun wrap of of summer fun in Primary for singing time! Let’s pack our backpack or 
“Suitcase of Songs” to go Camping or on a summer trip for our Singing time!

Summertime Singing Time….
pack your “Suitcase of Songs!”


A book (Book of Mormon Stories)
Sandals (Teach Me to Walk in the Light)
A camera to take pictures of a temple where I was going (I Love to See the Temple)
A tooth brush (Smiles)
A comb (Saturday)
A colorful shirt (I Hope They Call Me on a Mission)
Sunglasses (Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam)
Sunscreen (Choose the Right Way)
Shorts (I’m Trying to be Like Jesus) 

Thanks for these Ideas from Sugardoodle from 2008.

Another fun summer idea could be ….

 On the chalkboard write “We Shell Sing”  and put the name of a song on each of the shells in a sand pail or bucket. 

         Singing Time “We Shell Sing” numbered shells for fun!

Or come up with your own ideas for fun, summer things we play with in the summertime that might be good to attach a song to!

Primary Kids Singing Time August (loud and soft singing)

This idea was adapted from “The Crazy Chorister’s” post.  It is a fun idea where you have colored water that rises in a clear vase as the kids sing well. You could use a vase, a glass jar, or a clear glass pitcher… anything where the kids can see the water rising as they sing louder and better.  A tall vase or container that is thin would work the best.

Singing Time using Watercolors and Tall Vases
As the kids sing louder, you could pour more water into the vase…..just for some fun as you have to sing those songs OVER AND OVER AGAIN! 

Get some food coloring and choose a bright color to tint the water in a different container or pitcher.  Then tell the kids you are going to add water to the vase depending on how well the groups sings.  Tell them you are looking for 4 things; 1. singing the words correctly, 2. singing pretty with feeling, 3. everybody participating,  and 4.watching you while you switch signs between “sing soft” and “sing loud” so you know they are really paying attention.

Use any kind of flowers, any kind of tall, clear vase!
Tint the water 3 colors and just bring it in a tupperware container …….or as they sing softer, suck some of the water out with a turkey baster…  . 


You Could pick rainbow colors or just 2 colors and the third time mix them together! 

Then pick your first song.   You can have a few silk flowers in the vase (or paper ones on a plastic straw stem) and have somebody come up and pick flower 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.  Then have a little piece of tape sticking out of each flower or straw with the song name on it.  Then sing the song after that flower is chosen.  Then tell them what you thought; really great, so-so, or just okay, and add that much water.   Motivate them to get up to the next line and draw a line with a marker.

I would use 5 to 6 flowers with song names attached….
Colored Water in Vases Singing Time

Then pick another child to pick the next flower.  The vase will be filled with colored water by the time your singing time minutes are up.  You could try starting with yellow water and then adding red to see if it turns orange. Then add more red to turn the orange to red.  That would add to the fun and motivation!
Thanks Crazy Chorister for your ideas. It helps to have some new ones now and then doesn’t it? Keep up the good work everybody!