Halloween Primary Singing Time

This next week is my favorite holiday. I love Halloween more than any other time of year. I love all the candy, pumpkins and black and orange decor. I have a lot of decorations around my house; almost as many as Christmas!

October Singing Time in Primary is fun! 

So it’s fun to bring some in for Primary and put a piece of paper with the songs taped to the backs of some of my cute decorations.

Use some decorations from home! 

Okay my FAVORITE HOLIDAY is this month! Yip Yip Hooray it’s almost Halloween! I don’t know why I’ve always loved it. Maybe it is the costumes and dressing up.

I’ve got gobs of them….

Maybe it is the black and orange and all the icons (pumpkins, cats, Frankie, skeletons etc.)  But I’m a Halloween nut. I’ve got almost as many Halloween Boxes for decorating that I do for Christmas….yeah I know….it’s an illness…..snicker….

Can you tell I love Hobby Lobby?

Oh yes….and The Dollar Store! I got these both for one dollar! 

Linens from Kohls…I always love their table runners….

And we can’t forget Taipan Trading? Oh no! Look at this cute plate I just picked up with a 25% off coupon! 

Here’s my front entry….

Side table….There’s my little Marisa! 

Coffee table is so creepy! 

Another end table….

I know. It’s an illness. But have fun with Halloween for Singing time!

Use some of these cute decs for Singing Time in Primary! 

Kids would love a few light up pumpkins or skeletons to choose a song from! 

So this month be sure to do some fun Halloween singing time! There are plenty of things you could do; Halloween Tic Tac Toe with songs….. I found a cute handmade Tic Tac Toe out of popsicle sticks and pom poms HERE at Busy Bee Crafts. You could make it for Primary and bring if home for your kids to play with. They’d LOVE that!

.Halloween choose a black or orange balloon and pop them to find the song we are singing……

Kids love to pop the balloons to find out what song to sing inside…..

Or just bring in some Halloween Decorations and put a song number on the back of each one.  It is fun for the kids to see all your cute decs.  I usually ask a question about the lesson before they can raise their hand to come up and choose. That way you are doing double duty; a recap of the lesson and some fun stuff too.


Primary Chorister October Activities and Puzzlers

 I went to the wedding of my bishop’s daughter this week. I had to snap pictures of some of the beauties of nature I saw in the beautiful outdoor setting. Aren’t these florals so pretty? I wish my flowers grew this good!  (black thumb) 🙁

Here is one I have not done but got the idea from another chorister. She writes the song title  on a piece of construction paper in a color. You could do several songs the same way, just be sure they are all written on different colors of paper.  Then she cuts the paper up into 4 or so pieces and tapes it in pieces to the bottom of several of the children’s chairs.

They have to come up if they found a puzzle piece (in a certain color) and the kids who found the “blue puzzle” try to put them up on the board and guess the name of the song with mixed up words.  When somebody does guess the song name, they get to help lead the music with percussion instruments or bells or just a conducting wand if that is all you have.

Here are my 3 little Granddaughters at Gardner Village going to see the Halloween Witches with me. 

 We also took a little trip to a cute, quaint shopping village in the Salt Lake area called Gardner Village. Every year they bring out these giant Witches at Halloween. It’s a fun destination for an afternoon of fun and photo ops!

We had to take some pictures. My pink and purple witch and little Minnie Mouse! 
We had a great time. The weather was so great, we even had some Utah sun in October! And the ducks were in the pond too. We got suckers, some Halloween jewelry to wear home, and then went out to dinner with
the moms and dads. It was such a fun time! 
Meg is doing her little part in the Primary Presentation this week for the first time. We of course have to go see it! She just turned 4.

I would bring some little percussion instruments, bells, chimes or a GIRL/BOY sign for the kids to have fun with in helping direct. You could also have a sign that says HUM/WHISTLE just for variety.
The kids all know the songs anyway so you probably aren’t still teaching new ones yet.

Use a set of these bells for kids to play along with the piano. It doesn’t matter what notes they play, but you could pick out just the c and e notes to start. 

Hopefully all of your PRIMARY PRESENTATIONS have been done and you are feeling a sense of pride and relief at the same time. 😀

I loved this picture so much I put it on my Facebook page. Yes I facebook too!

 My daughter’s presentation is coming up in a week so we are looking forward to seeing my 2 granddaughters say their parts they’ve been practicing. In the meantime, we have had a wonderful General Conference and in our stake we have Stake Conference next week. So it’s been a great time of year to get my bucket filled up! Yup!

I have a set of these and the kids LOVE to play these with wooden mallets (stick with a small ball on the end) They are a lot of fun.

I snapped this cute pic of the flower girl at the reception. So cute! And just Look at the beautiful Utah mountains near where I live. Can you believe this glorious fall scene?  I know…it’s so great!

Looking over the bridge to the water below at the witch on a raft…at G

Beautiful fall leaves on the trees and ducks in the pond. I love Fall!
 Hope you are taking the time to fill up on the beauties of Fall, my favorite season, where nature is at its very best.   


I Want to Be a Missionary Now

We just got done having my son’s 30th birthday “Old Goat” party. We played pin the tail on the goat. It was fun. And it got me to thinking. How could you do this game in primary?

I made this goat poster to play Pin the Tail on the Old Goat….

What if you played, “PIN THE TAG ON THE MISSIONARY” instead?

Here I am playing the game….what a geek, I know what you are thinking…GEEK!
Well, you would be right there…..

The little girls loved the game……Meg confessed after
she won the game (4 year old) that she could see through the blindfold.  So funny! 

Goat bundt cake….tee hee…..

We could do the same thing with Pin the Badge on the Missionary. On the back of each badge could be a song title. Then when kids come up to pick a badge, either have them answer a question, or just have the group sing the song and then let them close their eyes and put on the badge (or get a ski mask and have them put it over their head and eyes) and try to put it on Mike the Missionary.

I Want To Be a Missionary Now
I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
Army of Helaman

This website  mn crafts has a cute tutorial on how to do a “Pin the Badge on the Missionary” Game. Kids would LOVE this. It is so CUTE!   

Or reverse it and you could ask each child a question to get them to come up and pick a badge. A cute badge downloadable is below.

It works for Bobbi has some DARLING downloadable missionary tags and this cute printable to send home with the kids to help them start being a missionary NOW!  I love this! 

Talk about your favorite Church hymn/song.
Tell something you can do to help your testimony grow.
Give someone a sincere complement.
Who is your favorite person from the scriptures? Why?
Share what you could write in a BoM to give to a friend.
Tell why you appreciate Jesus Christ.
Name two ways you can set an example.
How could you be a friend to someone who seems to be left out?
Name a Church magazine/book you could share with a friend.
Repeat and/or explain an article of faith.
Name a Church activity you can invite a friend to.
Repeat and/or explain your favorite scripture.
Name two ways you can be kind to others.
Name a Church video you could share with a friend.

This was at my son’s missionary homecoming in December a few years back. He is the one on the left, with arms around all his former companions who came to hear him speak.  I love all of these boys. They were a Band of Brothers. 
I Want to Be a Missionary Now! 

I love missionaries. I remember going to pick up my son, Devin, from Armenia. He was an assistant to the president in the MTC and also in Armenia’s mission office which included Georgia. It is near Iran and Turkey, not a mom’s favorite place in the world. But he learned a little Russian, and Armenian and could understand a little Georgian language. I got to see what those missionaries feel for their investigators and converts. Devin was teaching some “Persians” which really means Iranians when we left. I saw their 1/2 size translated Books of Mormon (completely marked up). I thought to myself. “I’m looking at the future leadership of our church in Armenia….these Iranians who have read what they could of the mini bits of translation that they could get.  I still am moved when I think of them studying the gospel in small, humble rooms in homes….being offered baked balls of flour rolled in sugar for cookies and water for refreshments. 

Some of the many missionaries we housed for a year and a half in our home. The one holding our dog is Sister N. from Tonga. I could never really say her name all that well. (Neutupuivaha) 
We had many sisters and about 6 elders over the time we housed them. It was always fun, exciting with news of the work, and meaningful to me and my hubs. 

I would not trade the experience of seeing my son doing the work of the Lord, for anything, for any amount of money, time and all the myriad of details my husband and I had to both overcome in our jobs to get off work for 9 days. It was life changing for me to see the people of his mission and how he had been changed.  

Devin with the missionaries 

Why was our dog Bruce always in our missionary pictures? I guess they loved our dog a lot. Except when he ate Elder Lufe’s beef jerkey he had left on his bed….hehehe….He was from New Zealand (he is 2nd from the left). He was always so polite! You’ll notice I”m holding my doggie’s tennis ball and that’s all he is caring about! lol 

Many months later I was able to host a mission reunion at my house. 70 kids from all over came and packed into our home to hear their former mission president. There is really nothing like it on God’s green earth. The spirit just oozes everywhere. Love is pouring out of everybody. I loved sitting and being a fly on the wall. 

All the Armenian Missionaries in Dev’s district….Lots of them were from Utah. 

Danny being his goofy self….

 7 years ago today we lost our 17 year old senior in high school in a car crash on a rainy October day. His name was Danny. I think of him serving the Lord too….on some kind of mission. Maybe helping all my relatives in some way who have all gone before. I feel him around me from time to time and I know he is about doing good things. And I have hope to someday see him again. Great HOPE!

My Dan at his brother Jeff’s wedding….

So….. Sing about missionaries, honor those missionaries of your wards. Keep the goal bright and shiny in the minds of Primary kids you have influence over. It changes lives all over the world, this thing we call being a missionary for the Lord. I’m a convert. I had 2 missionaries I love and remember too. Elder Whitchurch and Elder Thigpen. Wherever you are, thanks for everything. I hope I can be just like you when I grow up. 😀


My Birthday Party

I had a birthday on Monday and my daughter Tiffany hosted a birthday party for me Monday night. I went to lunch with the hubs so it was fun to not worry about anything food for an entire day!

Halloween decorations on the table were so cute….Tiff put a glass inside of this jar and then surrounded it with the candy corn. She didn’t really buy 100 pounds of candy. 
She is a master at these delicious bread bowls. The recipe is at Jamie Cooks it up HERE.

She made these wonderful, homemade bread bowls and some delicious creamy soup. Then she had my all time favorite spinach salad with strawberries and avocados and candied pecans. Can you spell Y-U-M-M-Y?

Gotta love the chairs all decorated like Halloween pumpkins….
Yummy spinach salad is one of my favorites…

My birthday cake was a strawberry cheesecake. It was so pretty and delish! My little granddaughter had cheesecake face. :O

Strawberry cheesecake…..Yes those are 4 CANDLES…..Yeah…I’m only turning 40 now. Woo Hoo! 
Yum, I like that cheesecake stuff grandma! Marisa has cheesecake face….

It was so fun to be spoiled. And my son-in-law likes Halloween like I like Halloween.

He’s going to add lots of spiderwebs and scary dudes hanging from ropes and stuff….

Here is the beginnings of his graveyard….the spooks are even coming out of the window wells to a strobe light. He still has to hang a few ghouls from a noose and a few more tombstones.

Marisa and Meg hung the little ghosties in the tree…so cute! 

 It’s gonna be the neighborhood fun stop for sure.  I better go get all my stuff out too!