Make a Primary Singing Time Scarecrow

Primary Singing Time SCARECROW for November Singing Time! You just PICK a PIECE each time you sing a song. Put that Scarecrow together a piece at a time as the kids sing songs! 
A fun FALL GAME is to  MAKE A Singing Time SCARECROW! Just make up a large brown paper bag circle face and a BIG  hat out of colored paper or scrapbook paper. Then bring in a bag and inside the bag you will have the cutouts of the Scarecrow pieces.

Bring a bag full of these cutouts. 2 large EYES, Yellow rectangles of HAIR,  a SHIRT,  Triangle NOSE,   FUNNYstitched MOUTH,  BOW for shirt.

If you want more you could add a Sunflower or black crow on the hat.  Use these items for a pick something out of the bag game and add to the scarecrow face each time kids pick. Then sing the song number on the back of that item while the child puts the piece on the scarecrow. They will really enjoy this game and it is easy. You could do the same thing in December putting together an angel with wings or a Christmas Tree with bulbs and lights and stars and tinsel. Have fun with it!