4th of July Singing Time


For the 4th of July I would get red, white, and blue decorations from around your house and tape a song to each of the decorations.  Have kids come up and pick a decoration and tell the group why they are proud to be living in the USA.  It is good to have kids remind each other of how lucky we are to be Americans. 

Here’s some decorations from my house…lots to choose from!

Another idea is to have little flags you purchase from the dollar store or Hobby Lobby. I found them at Hobby Lobby for 49 cents each. You could buy 8 flags to decorate your house and use them also in singing time                                              

 Pass them out to the class singing the nicest and they get to wave the flags on the next song. This is just a mini motivator to have some good singing happening.

I’d bring a few things from my Table Decs too!

I noticed at Walmart that they have red white and blue decorated Taffy pieces for only a few bucks and it’s a GIANT BAG! You could do a tic tac toe game using red white and blue Xs and Os and yarn and the winning team gets the candy or just use it to give one for each child that comes up and shares why they are proud to be living in the USA.  An Independence Day link to a Quiz is HERE.   Happy 4th of July Everybody!


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