September Singing Time

Well, everybody is probably getting close to doing their Primary Presentations this month. So it is a month of review, review review. Here are a few of my favorite ways to have kids practice songs over and over that don’t get them TOO awfully bored.

1.  I use fun charts like this with the songs so they see the “spider walk up the flower” when they are singing really nicely!

September Singing Time

2. Have a child go out  of the room and hide a small object like a button. When they come in start the song and sing loud if they get close to the button and sing softly when they get far away from the button. Kids will be able to find the button eventually depending on how the song is sung. (hopefully)

Find the Button Game for September Singing Time

3. Each class stands up and sings a line of the song. Assign each class to a line of the song in some kind of order so they know who is doing first line, 2nd line etc. Then just point to the class and they stand and sing on the proper point cue. It’s fun to go over songs fast this way.

4. If you use the flip chart method to teach the song, just put up a few of the flip charts and cover up several of the words in each chart so kids are singing lines by themselves. This is great practice.

5. Have some kids come up and hula hoop during the songs (maybe 3 kids and hoops) and as they wind down and drop the hoop they just freeze till the song is over. Then they go pick 3 more people to try and hula hoop to the end of the song. Some kids will actually be able to do it!

Hula Hoop for Singing Time

6. Choose a leader. They are like the pied piper. You can call them that if you want. They get to walk around the entire primary picking people as you sing the song to come along behind them and follow them. We used to do this for Follow the Prophet, but I’ve done it since with any song I like. The kids love it and it is fun for them to watch the circle of kids walking round and round while they are singing.

Using Musical Instruments for Singing Time

7. Bring in musical percussion instruments and have kids play while you sing. They can keep the beat. Bells, drums, chimes, anything that clicks and clacks or keeps a beat, tambourines, bongos. etc.

Have fun practicing for your Primary Presentation!

September Primary Singing Time

Well my oldest son turns 30 tomorrow, September 15th. I cannot believe I am old enough for two of my kiddos to be in their 30s!  I had my 4th child when I, myself was only 30! I still think of them as my kiddos still, even though they are all grown ups now. Where is all of this even logical?

Here he is with his own little baby girl. I can’t believe this kid is 30 years old! 
And I’m not sayin’ what birthday this is coming up….but I am a grandma to 3 and  1 on the way! 

I have a neighbor down the street whom I truly admire. She has 13 kids. And they are the nicest kids on the block. I love the ones that I have known well, like they are my own kids. I don’t know how she raised 13 kids without losing all of her hair and her mind. Can you even imagine doing 13 kids’ worth of PTA meetings and parent-teacher conferences? Or sporting events times 13 kids?

Even though Birthdays aren’t much fun anymore… hiking in the fall in Utah IS FUN!
This scene is above the Brighton Ski Resort, on the trail to Mary’s Lake.  

She is a genius homemaker too. She makes the most magnificent raspberry/blackberry pie you have ever tasted from her own raspberry and blackberry gardens. She shares her bushes with me when she wants to thin them out.

Fresh fruit pies from Marie Callender's Photo: Courtesy / SA
Raspberry Pie, there is nothing like it! 

Anyhoo, I don’t know why I had to tell you about these 2 people in my life, I guess these people that matter so much to us in our life, well, it is good to let them know sometimes, that you love them and you appreciate them. Life is too short. So go out and tell somebody they are a wonderful person to you. Make them a goat cake, like I’m going to make for my son.

I am blowing this goat up on my overhead projector and tracing him on gray poster board for a game of Pin the Tail on the Goat (Donkey). I should get some good pictures out of that!

He is always downloading funny goat youtubes of baby goats running around bleating sounding like grown men. So we told him for his birthday he was getting a lot of “goat ensembles”. I’m making a “PIN THE TAIL ON THE GOAT” game for the granddaughters to play against the adults. I still haven’t thought up any fun prizes yet though. Too bad they don’t have goat candy. Maybe a hunk of goat cheese will have to do, LOL.

 Here’s the fixin’s for the goat cheese onion dip. It tasted pretty good! But the goat cheese by
itself? Well, let’s just same nobody was a real fan.

 Here we are playing PIN THE TAIL ON THE GOAT…..LOL My grandkids loved it.

Jeff just tolerated the game. He’s a good sport. 

Don’t you feel sorry for my kids having this crazy lady for a mom? Yeah they have had a rough life, I must say. 

Now back to the job at hand. My favorite thing to do in Primary is playing “POP THE MUSICAL BALLOONS”.  You can put names of songs rolled up tiny inside balloons before you blow them up at church. (Don’t blow them up at home, you will be sorry when they all pop before you get there).

 Then tape them up on the chalkboard or wall. Then have kids come up and answer a question about the lesson, or tell you the first lines of the practice songs you are singing. If they can answer the questions correctly, let them pop a balloon. Then sing that song that is listed inside.

Dare to Do Right Primary Song Subway Art from Pinterest 

In the Leafy Treetops has a great flipchart for DARE TO DO RIGHT that I thought was cute.
The kids love the balloons and will sing really good to get a chance to do the second song’s balloon pop.  Have a popping good time in Primary!!