Mother’s Day Singing Time

The lovely Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival gardens going on right now. So lovely. 

I remember when my kids were little there was a wonderful first grade teacher who always did a little program in her classroom. Several of my children were lucky enough to have her as a teacher. Her name was Mrs. Estelle Seaton. She was such a gifted teacher. She used to call her teaching year her “sports season”. She came from a family of tall amazon people who all loved football. But her true love were her little first graders.

She would get the kids to stand up proudly in a group in her classroom and put on a little musical performance for Mother’s Day. We were invited to the “Mother’s Day Tea Party” where we would bring all the goodies but the kids gave us the real treats.

Yummy cookies are always fun or a cupcake to decorate for mom too! 

They made us sawdust molded handprints holding silk flowers. We took pictures together. And I remember crying when they sang the Mr. Rogers song “I Like Your Eyes”. They sang a bunch more numbers but that’s the one I remember crying on. At Mrs. Lirettes blog she shows a picture of a flower arrangement card I got from my little boys. They did the exact same card in Mrs. Seaton’s class. Maybe making little cards would be fun!

This one was from my little Daniel Moss when he was only 6. 
Here is another way to do it with a cute poem attached. 

On Mother’s Day it is a wonderful and special treat to have the primary children sing a loving song to their moms. It is always a tear jerker moment watching them sing their hearts out with giant smiles showing their love for mom. Childlike love, well, there is just nothing like it on God’s green earth.

Here are a few of my favorites that I would start practicing now. They are melodious and easy for kids to memorize.

1. Mother Dear I Love You So
2. I Always Go Walking
 Get visual aids from the Sugardoodle website link here. 

Another fun idea I got from 
Basic Primary Music’s blog. Check it out! It sounds like lots of fun. It is a concentration match game.

All moms love flowers for Mother’s Day. And who wouldn’t love some of these lovely tulips? I would! But the crazy deer around here would eat them all up!  So I must settle for daffodils. 

  • Collect 10 fun/silly head-shots of the mothers of primary children. Copy 2 copies of each picture and place them behind a 1 to 20 grid you do on a poster board or tape up onto the chalkboard or with magnets on a whiteboard.  
  • Print this Concentration.pdf on one side of white card stock. Print the pictures of moms you have collected on the other side of the cardstock. You will need to print each mom’s face twice, so make sure to put the one face of each mom behind two random numbers, so they don’t all end up side by side. 
  • Attach the printed cardstock, number side out, on the white/chalk board, with tape or magnets.  Then kids come up, uncover 2 numbers to see if there is a match. If they make a match that child comes up and says 1 thing they love about their mom who shows up in the picture. Then sing a song to the moms. You can invite them in that day if you want. Try to include some of the Primary Presidency.