12 General Conference Ideas for Kids

General Conference Activities are a great way to keep kids interested in what’s going on. And General Conference is coming up soon. Do you remember how hard it is to keep kids interested in General Conference if you are lucky enough to get it on your T.V.? I still remember my youngest using a putter golf club and practicing his putting while watching conference, much to my chagrin! (He was a senior in high school at the time and had promised us he’d watch even the Saturday sessions….which he did). General Conference Activities for Kids
12 General Conference Activities for Kids.

All kids, no matter what age, love to color some coloring pages with brand new crayons. Here is an easter basket with eggs, chicks and bunnies to cut out and glue inside. All kids love Bingo, wordsearches and crossword puzzles. So no matter what age you’ve got at home, it would be fun to give out activity booklets or sheets with ideas for your primary children. And your own kids would love these ideas too!  If kids are engaged during General Conference, they may pay attention a little bit better. And isn’t that what every parent would like? Yes, it is. 😀

red ribbon week 110
Berry Shortcake for General Conference morning Breakfast! Yummy and easy. I just use a yellow cake mix and cut that up into squares. But this is one fancy way to decorate the plates with raspberry puree.  I would creme to the top. 

One thing that will get everybody around the T.V. is food. If you wake up a little early, and make a nice breakfast buffet or brunch, they will come. Just like Field of Dreams; if you build it, they will come.  Make some Berry Shortcake for Sunday morning Breakfast! That will get all the kids up and watching conference! I also do a sausage puff egg casserole that everybody loves. Check it out  HERE at Weekday Chef, my cooking blog.

Another thing that my kids would love to do is eat a yummy buffet of their favorite foods. If I set it all up at the table, people will come and watch while they eat on T.V. trays and at little kiddie tables around the T.V. If you don’t get it on T.V. you will have a hard time doing this at the stake center. lol. Plus you’d have to make a ton of food. tee hee.

 Here are some really great General Conference ideas for Kids that I’ve found 
 1.  Get a new pack of crayons and do coloring Pages from LDS Clip .
 2. Do a Word Search puzzle from LDS Resources
 3. Activity Pages from The Idea Door
 4. Latter-day Prophet Matching Game from Live Eat CraftEArt
 5. Play a game of I Spy the Prophet from We Talk of Christ

 6. General Conference Bingo from Oopsy Daisy

 7. Activities found in  The Friend
 8. Conference Memory Game from Beehive Messages
 9. Choose a  Conference activity from Sugardoodle
 10. Do some Dot-to-Dot Activities from My CTR Ring
 11. Play Conference Bingo from The Friend
 12. Or Play a General Conference Game from Lady Create-a-lot

French Vanilla Cream Puffs to make for General Conference Weekend.
French Vanilla Cream Puffs to make for General Conference Weekend.

 Another fun idea is to make cream puffs and have the kids frost or decorate them during conference choir performances, as a kind of break from sitting and listening. My post on the most delicious French Vanilla cream puffs is HERE. Have fun during general conference coming up in a few weeks. In the meantime, copy off a few of these sheets for the kids in your primary tomorrow. The parents will thank you. 😀



Why Doesn’t Anybody Ever Comment?

I have been blogging for 5 years. I have done this blog pretty much because I love music and wanted to give back something because of all the time I’ve spent as a primary chorister. Probably about 8 years if not more, truth be told.

My Easter Decorations at home are starting today…..It is looking good here….but not on my blog. It is sad on my blog. 

There’s just one thing. Nobody ever comments. It has been 5 months since anybody has made a comment. It is disheartening.

Daffodils are starting to come up! 

 I wish there were some who read my ideas who could leave a thought, a thanks, a comment…..just once in awhile.

First Day of Spring today.  Tulips are just erupting around here. 

I count the hundreds of people who look at my blog daily. I know you are visiting. Why the heck not leave a note? It is the bloggy way to be polite for heck’s sake! Don’t just be a taker. Be a person. Leave a comment! Geez!


March Singing Time Ideas St. Patrick’s Day

March Singing Time….St. Patrick’s Day is coming up SOON! 
This is one my favorite months of the year. My family were all IRISH! And my mom was an Irish Catholic. We REALLY celebrated St. Patrick’s Day every year. I remember dinners where she would actually give us kids a bit of wine with 7 up to toast to some of her favorite SAINTS. 
Those are happy memories of sitting in the formal dining room with my 5 siblings cracking jokes and eating yummy food. I love St. Patrick’s DAY!  
March Singing Time Ideas 
I don’t have very many decorations for it but I always do at least my entry table and my dining room table in honor of my mother and her love of St. Patrick’s Day.  I also decorate my classroom in Shamrocks, leprechauns and GREEN, glittery stuff and of course GOLD wrapped chocolates! 

So in honor of the Saints all over the world who are do gooders for others I’d cut out a bunch of Shamrocks in Green and add some ROLO candies or Golden Hersheys’s Kisses and write all the songs behind shamrocks. 

Use a few St. Patrick’s Day decorations to have a LUCKY singing time.

March Singing Time Ideas….. St. Patrick’s Day Fun! 
Then come up with some fun questions to ask and the correct answers get a piece of “gold” from your POT OF GOLD (a black container with gold wrapped candy inside). The kids will love it! 
Use something like this or a black bowl with gold candy, or a black, plastic pot from the dollar store. 
Another idea is to decorate a hat green and have the kids come up and pick a song title out of the green leprechaun’s hat. That is always fun too. Here is a tutorial on making your own leprechaun hats from some tupperware type bowls from the dollar store. Check it out at Canadian Living.com. I might try these in my classroom! What fun they would be! 
March Singing Time Ideas- We made these little leprechauns one year out of empty lamination tape rolls which are pretty heavy. They stood up nicely on our tables for a few days till we took them home. 

 My Irish Catholic mom used to call me Patrick for fun as a nickname. It was kinda weird because I had chopped off all my own hair and she had to take me to the barber to get a butch haircut to even it all out. So I wore dresses, had a mom calling me Patrick in the stores, and I had a boy haircut. Now enjoy that mental picture. haha. (I will NOT share a picture of how weird I looked either! No! )

But to you I wish the LUCK of the IRISH this March Singing Time! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!