Singing Time with the American Flag

LABOR DAY IS TOMORROW! It’s a perfect opportunity to do something using the American Flag! I love patriotic days where we can put the flag out front, don’t you? I LOVED especially watching the Republican Convention on TV this week. There were some very wonderful speeches made by some great Americans. Here were a few of my favorites. 

I loved Ann Romney’s speech.  She was just so REAL. And a breath of  upbeat, and positive, honest, fresh air.  I actually bow down to anybody who has raised 5 boys. I can’t imagine even how hard 4 boys is, I only had 3 boys and I about lost my mind on some days!
Ms. Rice is just so inspiring to me. She has a calm way of making you sit up and take notice of what she wants to teach you. And I always learn a lot from her. She knows her statistics, doesn’t she? 
Paul Ryan gave a great speech too. I believed him that he could help us fix the financial mess we are in. He seemed like a smart guy.  I would worry a lot less with him helping change our spending patterns. 

I loved this guy, Marco Rubio. The guy has GOT to run for President someday. He brought me to tears.
How he spoke about his parents was so moving to me. I really liked him a lot. 
 Mitt Romney’s speech made me want to give more service than I have ever done before. 

Mitt Romney’s speech made me realize how much I don’t volunteer enough, and give enough of myself in service. It made me feel guilty hearing the story of him going to a dying boy’s bedside to write him a will so he could give all his best friends his sports equipment when he died. Who would do that? What busy man do you know who would?  I felt really moved by that.

Tampa’s weeklong party got off to a rough start with threats from Isaac, but ended on a high note with Mitt Romney accepting the Republican nomination for president at the Times Forum.
Beautiful red, white and blue balloons dropping on the candidates and their families.  How fun that must have been for all of Paul Ryan’s cute little kids!  

It made me proud to be an American, listening to all the speakers from many nationalities, who were singing the praises of our country and the opportunities their families found here. So let’s do some flag waving this week for Labor Day! 

Flags waving at the convention this week. 

Using some little tiny American flags pushed into a vase or a tall cup, have children come up and pick one of the flags. Have the song numbers taped to the backs or handles of the flags. Then sing the song that was written on that flag. EASY PEASY!  

Wave the Flags for Singing Time 

Use this idea for any Patriotic holiday such as Labor Day.  Kids love to wave a flag. If you have extras you can have the child’s primary class come up and wave the flags while you sing. Check out Hobby Lobby or your local grocery store might have some flags too. 

 Sometimes right after 4th of July you can find things at Michaels and Joanne’s Crafts on clearance. I found flags for 20 cents each that way. Or you can try Oriental Trading. They always have a good deal after holidays too. Check out a dozen fabric flags for $4.50 here at Oriental Trading.

Have fun waving YOUR patriotic flags!  
bada-bing, bada-boom.

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