Summer Primary Singing Time- Suitcase of Songs

Summer Vacation is a fun time to go camping. So since summer is winding down now,  let’s do some fun wrap of of summer fun in Primary for singing time! Let’s pack our backpack or 
“Suitcase of Songs” to go Camping or on a summer trip for our Singing time!

Summertime Singing Time….
pack your “Suitcase of Songs!”


A book (Book of Mormon Stories)
Sandals (Teach Me to Walk in the Light)
A camera to take pictures of a temple where I was going (I Love to See the Temple)
A tooth brush (Smiles)
A comb (Saturday)
A colorful shirt (I Hope They Call Me on a Mission)
Sunglasses (Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam)
Sunscreen (Choose the Right Way)
Shorts (I’m Trying to be Like Jesus) 

Thanks for these Ideas from Sugardoodle from 2008.

Another fun summer idea could be ….

 On the chalkboard write “We Shell Sing”  and put the name of a song on each of the shells in a sand pail or bucket. 

         Singing Time “We Shell Sing” numbered shells for fun!

Or come up with your own ideas for fun, summer things we play with in the summertime that might be good to attach a song to!

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