Let’s Go Golfing Primary Singing Time

My kids took a Jr. Golfing course when they were little kids. They were given little Jr. sized putters and golf clubs. See if you can find a small putter or golf club good for kids and bring it into primary. Then collect a bag or bucket of golf balls.

Try a Primary Singing Time Golf Game for fun and participation!

Use a trash can or a bucket to catch the balls (laying on it’s side). Mark it with a sign that says “HOLE IN ONE”.  Then draw white circles out of construction paper and number them 1 to 8. They are “golf balls”. Write the names of the songs on the back and tape  them up on the board.  We are playing Primary Golf!

(I also happen to see little metal and plastic golf clubs for kids at K-Mart for $5.00 and $7.00 so I bought a set for my grandkids…it also comes with the holes in one and extra golf balls! What luck!)

Use a bucket or trash basket for the “hole in one” for Primary Singing Time
Fore!  Look out while I putt!

Choose 1 child to come up, pick a ball off the board, then tell the group the name of the song that’s on the back.  The teacher picks a few kids to stand up and recite each line. Go through entire song this way.

Here we are hiking Snow Canyon in St. George. We don’t golf much, but we do find a good hike fun! 

 Then have “reciters” come up….Maybe 4 to 6 are needed to  recite the lines of the song. (Skip choruses) If they do so correctly they get a chance to “putt”.  Make the group line up and they get a point for their “class team” if they get a hole in one.

Number some paper balls for song choices for Primary Singing Time (listed on back of balls)

 Then we all sing the song together.   Hopefully the putting will go rather quickly.  Then start over, picking another child to go choose a golf ball off the board for the next song. Be sure and bring a few extra golf balls! Have fun golfing in singing time!


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