Primary Singing Time Helps

One of my fun little singing helps is on a poster. It is a game called ‘HELP LESTER SING”.   Lester is a wild faced little singer who’s tongue goes up and down as the kids sing better.  It’s just something to keep them engaged, more or less. It is easy to make one of these.

I know….he’s a little weird looking….he’s got a piece of red carpet for hair! 
Love my Stop and Go signs….kids love to come up and flip them as we sing…..

I used these Stop and Go signs all the time in my classroom singing and also in Primary.  On the back I would put GIRLS and BOYS.  So we were always switching it up and it keeps them guessing and involved in what you are doing.

This is a little flower poster I had that  you can make the spider crawl up to the flower
as the kids sing really loudly and wonderfully.  It’s a fun one.  Put a
slit in the top and bottom of the stem and then tie off a piece of string to go in front and behind.
You maneuver the string up and down from behind the poster board.  Tape the spider onto the string. 
My Grandbaby Josie at Christmas time. Isn’t she the Bees Knees? 

This idea was a cute one I found at Denley Music HERE. She used this and put it on top of a flat box as a “remote control”.  She would tell the kids that she was going to push one of the buttons (and show them) and they would do what it was she had pushed.  I would think you could also tape it to the chalkboard and push the buttons that way (less fun but everyone would be able to see!).

That sounds super fun.  Remote control your primary. They will love it! The SWAP means to change seats. Super fun, right?

Cute REMOTE CONTROL  GAME for a fun singing time…gotta love it!  
Here’s ME doin my thing in Primary!   (This pic is a year old…I’m actually much skinnier than this in person…NOT! )
Hope you have fun this month in Primary Singing Time!

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