Primary Singing Time February

Let’s do some Hot Potato with a twist!  I have this big, stuffed heart hanging from a doorknob in my house. It says “Be Mine” on it.  It is the perfect little pillow to throw around if you are playing keep away at your house. But it might just be perfect for a Primary ” Heart Potato” game we can do for singing time.

Valentines Game “Hot Heart Potato”

Pass the little heart pillow (or any heart you can find around the house…even a heart sucker) around primary while the kids are singing the songs and when the music stops that child can come up and hold a picture or a visual aid (or maybe keep time with a bell or a wood block or sticks). They love participating in any kind of percussion.

 I just got done doing all my Valentines Day Decorating.
Here’s my front entry table….so cute, right?  

I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve accumulated….. here is
an end table…..

Living Room Table decor…..

 I worked at Kohls while getting my Master’s Degree in Education….so I got great discounts
on lots of their fun decorations at holidays…..

It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate when you go shop
the after holiday sales for a few years……I got lots of cute stuff for just a dollar or two.
This is my coffee table…..I love this little stained glass heart box….
So anyway, here’s inside my front door……

My dining room picture wall….each season I change the black metal cone contents…..and
hang some new ribbons or a swag of some sort on the wrought iron bar…..

Kitchen table….I love placemats and runners…..and I change out the candle colors each season….

This little plate rack in my kitchen I’ve got plates for every holiday now….
Well….except for 4th of July…Maybe I can find some red, white and blue ones….hehe….

Picture Wall of my family and grandkids….

Outside on the front door I hung a heart ornament on a beaded wreath….I’m so crafty…hehe….

Front entry table….I love this light up LOVE lamp….it stays on all season long…..

My 3 sons and my darling first granddaughter….some of my fav peeps…..

My grandkids love all of my candy dishes…only thing is….these conversation
hearts are like a year old….I buy them after the season…they are for looks only! I actually think they might break your teeth if you chomped down on one of em……

I love this little cupid lamp…..

Hope you have some fun doing some HOT POTATO during singing time next Sunday!

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