Primary Music for February 2012

A fun game we used to play was
 I had a several funny knit hats with long ears, pigtails or horns.   I’d pin a word on a 3x 5 card to the front (or use tape) and I’d choose a prominent word from one of the songs on the hat.  The person couldn’t see the word.  Then we’d begin to sing the song but when we came to the word, the primary would skip it and not sing it.  The object is to see if the child can figure out the word.  The senior primary can do it a lot better than the junior primary can,  Especially if you are just learning the song.  But it is a great activity for the 2nd or 3rd week of a new song.  It would be good for the new February song.  Try it this week.

Primary Singing Time Fun….What’s the Missing Word? 
Find any old funny hat to use for the word….get several funny hats…..


Any of these hats would do….or go look for one at the DI
Primary Singing time for February….What’s the Missing Word?


If you don’t have any funny hats, you could use a baseball cap. It doesn’t really matter.  I used to use a jester hat with multiple horns of many colors coming out of it.  It was funny just to watch the child up there thinking while we were singing. It makes the kids forget they are singing they are so anticipating getting to the word to see if the child will “get it” or not.  It’s a fun activity to re-sing songs.

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