March Primary Music Activities

  The song for MARCH, THIS month is STAND FOR THE RIGHT. A cute flipchart for this song can be found HERE at  NEXT month is a Free Choice Song  . I like choosing one they know for one of the free choice songs. This is “Be True” The link for the flipchart is HERE

Be True, Be True, And Stand For the Right! 

Today I think I will do a very fun activity.  There is usually a time in your month when the Bishop or a member of the Bishopric is scheduled to come into your primary to give a message and visit with the kids.  Find out which week that is ahead of time and you can do something really fun, if he will agree to stick around for 10 minutes of your music time.  That’s usually all I will do this particular activity for. 

Find your husband’s oldest, ugliest tie to cute up! 

The next thing you need is a couple of your husband’s or dad’s or somebody’s old ties. Because you are going to cut them up and pretty much destroy them. So be sure they are ties with a spot or two on them. Then you call the bishop or the counselor up and you tell the kids you are going to cut his tie as they sing and do a really, really good job on the song.  If you have words to the songs, or a flipchart, unhook it and give a phrase to each class in the room.  Then get a really big pair of scissors, you are gonna have FUN WITH THIS! 

My husband donated lots of ties over the years….

So then start singing the song.  The kids know if they do a good job you are going to cut the bishop’s tie.  Do it however you want, you can wait till the verse is over and then have a funny little chat asking the bishop if he thinks it was good enough?  He can play along and say, no, not really, let’s hear it again.  Or he can say, “Well it was okay, maybe good enough for one little snip!” and then go ahead and cut one inch off the bottom of his tie. The kids will absolutely LOVE this.  It is so fun for them to see the bishop as a playful, loving guy, willing to come in and interact with them in a memorable way too.

A VERY fun singing game for the kids is Cut the Bishop’s Tie

Cut the Bishop’s Tie! 

Then go and do a few more tries on the most important song you are working on.  Then you can end his time with you with the song “He’s Our Bishop”, just run through it once and cut the tie all the way up to the top on that one.  It is a really fun activity to do once in awhile, maybe twice a year.  Be sure it is another member of the bishopric next time, so the same relationship can be developed with a different member of your ward’s leadership. It’s always a fun singing time activity to motivate kids to sing their best.

Bring in your Dr. Seuss Hat to Primary to choose songs from tomorrow! 
Aren’t our handprint Thing 1s sooooo cute? 

Now yesterday was Dr. Seuss Day in my classroom and I just HAD to share these cute Thing 1 and Thing 2 creations.  They were so cute.  Another idea is to bring your tall red and white, striped, Dr.Seuss HAT into primary and put the songs in the hat and have the kids pick them out. Or you could pin them on. Either way have “all the fun that is funnest!” Dr. Seuss Rocks.

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