March Primary Music Ideas

Skip a Letter is fun…… Have the child pick a letter from choices in a bowl. Skip whatever words in the song start with that letter. Be sure to have choices that have many words of the song starting with that letter. Then have kids try to be quiet on all the words with that letter during the song…. for Choose the Right for instance they might choose the C letter. It is fun to do and the kids become really attentive to the words so they don’t mess up!  Great for practicing over and over. 

You could bring foam letters from the Dollar Store or make some out of cardstock or scrapbook paper.

Heads or Tails – use a big pie pan. Draw a heads on one side and a tails on the inside.  Throw the pan up in the air and whichever side you have decided is going to be boys and which side is girls tells who will be singing the chorus of the song. Everybody can sing the verses.  Then do it again for the next song in your practice time. 

You could also just have a round sign that has the words “HEADS” on one side,
and “TAILS” on the other side.
You could also cover some large dice or a small box (cube shaped) with
pictures of all kinds of heads and tails….

You could also just use a small cube shaped box and cover each of the 6 sides with a word or picture of heads and tails of many different coins. That would give even more variety. Then choose a child to roll the
cube down the middle aisle of Primary to decide girls or boys, or even left side of the room and right side of the room sings the chorus of the song.  Sometimes this can get roudy, but it is a lot of fun too.

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