Presidents Day Primary Music

This weekend is President’s Day. Let’s celebrate by doing something patriotic!

I took this from the church website to be sure it is okay to sing patriotic songs during singing time in primary…

Music in Primary

Music in Primary includes singing during the elements of sharing time. Music is also important in Primary classes and activities.
Music in Primary should  invite reverence, teach the gospel, and help children feel the  influence of the Holy Ghost and the joy that comes through singing.  While the children sing some songs, music leaders give them opportunities to move physically and stretch appropriately.
The Children’s Songbook and the current sharing time outline are the basic resources for music in Primary. Hymns from the hymnbook and songs from the Friend and Liahona are also appropriate. Occasionally, children may sing patriotic or holiday songs that are suitable for Sunday and for the children’s ages. The use of any other music in Primary must be approved by the bishopric.
For information about teaching music to children, see “Teaching a Song to Children” on the Church Music Web site.

So I figured it is okay occasionally to do something different…..

HERE is a link to songs published in the FRIEND.  They are listed by category so you can easily find something church approved for primary if you want to do something a little different.

You could make a paper black tall hat like Lincoln’s and put the songs inside the hat numbered and on little hats.  That would be a fun way to keep up the President’s Day theme too.  I’d do that and it would be fun and easy. Maybe you already have a top hat laying around in your costume box?

Me stomping around doing singing time…..

You could wear the hat and pick kids to come choose from your hat as you sit down. Or you could pass the hat to a teacher and have her get one child from her class to pick a song out of the hat. (You could put a small paper bowl inside the hat and tape it so the songs don’t fall out if you make one from black paper.

I love this song MY FLAG, MY FLAG.  LINK HERE.   This could be a fun song to teach that is a snap to learn. Little kids can follow the words super easily too.  I’ve used this lots in primary and at school for 4th of July, Memorial Day and Flag Day, as well as President’s Day because it so easy to learn. It is in the Children’s Songbook.

I’ve used it in my classroom to teach kids about the symbols of America that we hold dear.
It’s super easy to learn if you have the music playing along with showing kids the words on
chart paper.   You can talk about how the scouts all put flags out on our front lawns in honor
of President’s Day on Monday and for them to look for the flags and what they mean.

We are so lucky to be Americans.  Happy President’s Day everybody!

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