St. Patrick’s Day Primary Music

We have stake conference on Sunday. It is a day I always look forward to because you kind of have a day off, you know what I mean? Yeah! And we get to have an apostle at our meeting! Wa HOO!

Well if you are not as lucky as us…  Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and I can tell you from teaching little kids for 18 years that they LOVE this holiday. They love leprechauns, and green clovers, and pots of gold and 3 wishes. You have  GOT to do something for Leprechaun, wearing of the green day.

March Primary Music ideas….

Maybe you could put on a green goofy hat and do an original Riverdance Irish Jig or something. I once made the elder’s quorum get up on stage for an Irish ward dinner I was in charge of. I made them all wear green headbands and told them we were looking for “The Lords of the Dance”. It was hysterical  watching all these big burly dudes trying to do some fancy dancing.  But if you want something a little more reverent…..

Do an Irish Jig for good singing!  I’m not saying you have
to dress UP like a leprechaun….just wear a lot of green…or a hat! 

Cut out some 3 leaf clover shamrocks and put songs behind each one. Then tape them to the white board.  Then call on kids to come up and say 3 things they love about _______. You fill in the blank. Or what 3 wishes could you give to people in your family. Or what 3 things could you do for service to somebody you know?

Shamrocks with songs on the back would be fun for kids to choose…

Or if you want to involve everybody and you can be given some extra 3 minutes of time, ALL the kids could have a green paper shamrock. And ALL of them could write 3 things to do for service, 1 on each of the 3 leaves of their clovers. (These are really easy to trace and cut out by the way).  Just use green paper and pass out pencils.  It is always good to get them to do something while we are singing away.

Sing till you find the pot of gold for March Primary singing time…
You could actually have some ROLO candies or Hersheys mini candy bars for the kiddos too! 


Another thing you could do is “Hide the Pot of Gold” and have them do the HOT and COLD game. Only you could say when the leprechaun (the primary child wearing a green hat) gets near the gold sing louder, and when he is now finding gold at all sing softer.  This is always a fun way to review the song over and over to get it memorized.

St. Patrick’s Day Singing Time fun…..

Another idea is to put riddles on the backs of your shamrocks on the board. A cute idea for riddles is HERE at Precious Primary. And they can be copied off onto paper and taped to the shamrocks. Cute Idea! Maybe read a riddle off in between singing the songs on the shamrocks? That could be fun!

I decorated up my house for St. Patty’s Day….since it IS my Irish background we are celebrating,
and….well my name IS Pattie!  It’s MY holiday! 

 Anyway…..HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY TOMORROW!  Wear something green and don’t get pinched!

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