I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me Primary Song

I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me….
This is one of my favorite primary songs. It was sung by friends of mine at my Baptism in 4 part harmony when I was a new convert at age 18. Here is a PDF downloadable document with artwork that you can get a head start on teaching a really beautiful song this week. I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me is the song title. It is in my top 5 of Primary Songs.

I love this hike close to my house in Utah; it’s Bell Canyon Reservoir….hiking with my hubs….

I remember when I was living in Salt Lake City going to school and going to church at one of the student wards and activities at the Salt Lake Institute. I was the Sunday School Chorister in my student ward. I had visual aids for this song (a rose, a piece of a lilac bush, a picture of a bird etc.) and I had the last row of the chapel all come up and hold my pictures. I read the scripture “And the last shall be first and the first last”.

Enjoying the beauties of nature on a Utah hike…..

It was so funny. Having to get up in front of everyone to help sing and teach a song was kind of embarrasing for those young adults. But Everybody laughed and sang with gusto. It is one of those kinds of songs that just brings in the spirit so quickly too. Maybe that’s why it is one of my all time favorites.  We should sing more song of gratitude to our Lord, for all the beauties of nature that he created just for our joy and enjoyment.

Hiking Bell Canyon Reservoir in October with the hubs…

Another flip chart that has black and white icons for coloring is HERE at Sugardoodle done by Ann Clements. If you would rather do it on sticks another bunch of clip art can be found at Sugardoodle.net which was created by Amy Snyder.

Me on a picnic in Provo Canyon’s Vivian Park with my family. 

  Or you can do what I did and just use a silk rose, a fake bird, a picture of a blue sky, or the word sky, etc. It would be easy to assemble all the different things in the song; a picture of the Savior at the end.


 I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me…one of my favorite Primary Songs.

The second verse is easy, eyes, ears, mind and heart, just point to those parts of your body. And for butterfly wings I just used my fingers intertwined and wiggling like a butterfly flying.

A beautiful butterfly on a lilac bush…..

I have been in awe of the beautiful lacy trees covered in snow lately here in  cold Utah. But I also have been dreaming of boating on the nice warm lake too in those lazy summer days of flowers and butterflies. Thank heavens for ALL the seasons we enjoy! And Have a fun week! And enjoy all this wonderful snowy weather we are having. I think the world is so beautiful right now!


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