Let’s Go Fishing for Songs

I found a cute website that had some downloadable “fish” for you to make your “fishing for songs game. It is at this triciarennea.blogspot.com LINK HERE.  You could then get a dowel and a magnet and some string and make a fishing pole for your primary kids to “fish for a songfish”.  She has other free printable animals too. It’s a fun site.

It’s been a colder Utah than I ever remember. And as a teacher, my kids have had to stay inside the classroom with no outside recess or lunchtime play for 3 WEEKS!  It’s been SO CRAZY!  It makes it hard on teachers as well as the students. So making learning a fun game really helps keep them active but still, you know…..with a lid on it. 😀

Meet the Dubiens blogger Jill Dubien made up this fishing pole with real twigs.
 Her Blog tutorial for a cool magnet Fishing Pole  for Primary is HERE.

Fishing Pole and Fish for Singing Time

Here is my homemade fish and Fishing Pole to go  Fishing for Primary Singing Time songs
The kids love to come up and use the dowel with string and a round magnet  tied onto the end. Then the laminated fish of every kind have large paper clips on them. The kids “GO FISHING FOR SONGS” to try to get the magnet to attach on to the metal paper clips and they have “caught” a fish. They love watching each other try to fish.
Or if you are not crafty just use one of these magnet puzzles or magnetic fishing rods.

Here I am demonstrating my dowel and how to use the FISHING POLE FOR PRIMARY SINGING TIME. Everybody always wants a turn!
Fishing for Songs for Primary Singing Time
Remember to write the song names on the back in NON permanent marker so they are easily wiped off  for using again!

Well….I look back at this picture of us playing at the lake last summer and it makes me very homesick for warm days at our cabin. When will this snow let up I ask you??? I don’t think I’m a winter person. What do YOU think?

Grandpa with little Megan

Well, during the winter that won’t quit here in Utah, I dream of summer days at the lake, like this one. And I look forward to one warm day to happen. Hey, there’s always HOPE!   Here’s to the 4 beautiful seasons, including snowman season……

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