He’s Our Bishop

YA HOO! SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!  I can get back to blogging, I’ve been such a slacker!!
This one is a great one to prepare to sing for Father’s Day if your ward lets the primary sing. It’s an easy one too! HE’S OUR BISHOP!

1. Busy as a man can be,
He’s our bishop.
He finds time to talk to me;
He’s our bishop.
Always kindly words he’ll say
To the children ev’ry day.
Let us help him ev’ry way;
He’s our bishop.
2. Cheerful as he serves the Lord,
He’s our bishop.
He’s the father of our ward;
He’s our bishop.
He helps us to do the right
In our Heav’nly Father’s sight.
We love him with all our might;
He’s our bishop.

Words and music: Robert P. Manookin

There is usually a time in your month when the Bishop or a member of the Bishopric is scheduled to come into your primary to give a message and visit with the kids. Find out which week that is ahead of time and you can do something really fun, if he will agree to stick around for 10 minutes of your music time. Since Father’s Day is in a week you could have him come in and celebrate him!

Here’s my hubs with our cute little Meg. He’s donated LOTS OF TIES over the years….and he’s been a bishop too! 

Find your husband’s oldest, ugliest tie to cute up! You might need  a couple of your husband’s or dad’s or somebody’s old ties. Because you are going to cut them up and pretty much destroy them. So be sure they are ties with a spot or two on them. Then you call the bishop up and you tell the kids you are going to cut his tie as they sing. If they do a really, really good job on the song you will start snipping away at it. (but be sure you have made him take his good tie off and swapped for the tie with the tomato soup stain on it! lol)

Here is my daughter Tiff with her new baby, our first grandson. We had baby Dylan’s baby blessing last week. He wore this little 3 inch teeny-tiny- tie with a little blue suit. It was cuteness overload I tell ya!! 

 If you have words to the songs, or a flipchart, unhook it and give a phrase to each class in the room. Then get a really big pair of scissors, you are gonna have FUN WITH THIS!

Keep snipping little inch sections of it till it’s just a short nub. It’s hilarious. The kids can’t believe you are doing it to THE BISHOP!  

So then start singing the song. The kids know if they do a good job you are going to cut the bishop’s tie. Do it however you want, you can wait till the verse is over and then have a funny little chat asking the bishop if he thinks it was good enough? He can play along and say, no, not really, let’s hear it again. Or he can say, “Well it was okay, maybe good enough for one little snip!” and then go ahead and cut one inch off the bottom of his tie. This kids will go a little WILD!

 They  will absolutely LOVE this. It is so fun for them to see the bishop as a playful, loving guy, willing to come in and interact with them in a memorable way too.  Cut the Bishop’s Tie is super fun!  Here is a flipchart for singing the song at Sugardoodle. You could also have the kids ask him what his favorite primary song is and sing his favorites as part of singing time!

 Then go and do a few more snips of the tie on the most important song you are working on this month.  It is a really fun activity to do once in awhile, maybe twice a year. Be sure it is another member of the bishopric next time, so the same relationship can be developed with a different member of your ward’s leadership. It’s always a fun singing time activity to motivate kids to sing their best. And it’s a great thing to do on FATHER’S DAY since our Bishops are the FATHERS of the ward!


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