Primary Singing for 4th of July Match the Socks or Hula Hoop Games!

I found a cute MATCH THE SOCKS SINGING TIME idea  from Bella Online’s 10 Singing Time Ideas. She sure has some good ideas.Anyway this “Match the Socks” game can be played with socks from home.  The more wacky and colorful they are…..the better!

Just bring a small laundry basket in and have it filled up with 10 or 12 pairs of socks.

Match the Socks Primary Singing Game 

And  inside each one put the names of the same song.  Kids can come up and “find a matching pair” of socks and then when they do they look inside one of them and find what song they are singing today.

My son Devin is home from Chicago for a summer visit. Here’s my little Lena doll. She smiles nonstop all day long! 

And here is Marisa and Meg’s favorite uncle. He plays chase and makes goofy faces with them!! 
As the kids match up the socks and find what song they are singing…
put the socks together in pairs…..

It would be easy to adapt it at HOLIDAY TIME time wouldn’t it? Having some cute RED WHITE AND BLUE stockings? That would be fun. You could  do the same idea, only  with scrapbook or wrapping paper “socks” and have them match socks and then sing the song inside.

I’d try to get a few wacky looking pairs of socks in your selection of Match the Socks Game
Here’s some funny pics I took of my kids and grandkids and a bunch of Hula Hoops at our last family dinner! My son Jeff and his wife Wendy are good sports, and so cute!  

Another Idea is to use HULA HOOPS from the Dollar Store. Have 3 kids come up at a time and try to hula hoop all through the singing of the song. As they drop their hula hoops they are out and have to stand still inside the hula hoop.

Marisa is the only one who is any good at it, she just turned 6! 

 The winner is the one who stays hula hooping and is still twirling the hula hoop by the end of the verse and chorus.  

She can twirl a few at a time and she’s good and proud of it!

Then all 3 or 4 kids go choose another person to try it. They won’t even know how many times they are practicing the songs! It’s a great review game! 

Gotta love some Superhero Socks! I’ve gotta get a pair of these babies!  Try finding Red, White and Blue for
4th of July Singing Time next week on the 30th!!! 
She’s so funny and fun to hang with. I love them all. 

In the case of paper socks, you’d have to have more than 10 pairs or it wouldn’t be very challenging. Maybe cut 4 inch long socks so you can make several sets (like 4 socks) out of each sheet of scrapbook paper.  Then they could find matching socks but if the songs inside did not match, someone  has to choose again to get the right “perfect pair” of socks.

Match the Socks Game

I think this is a fun idea.  I’d try it first with just a bunch of socks from your kids’ drawers. Just some striped, fancy lace, black dad socks, white sports socks, colorful kneesocks and soccer socks.  Have fun with Match the Socks Game or Hula Hoop Game! Both are super FUN! And Summer is off to a great start, yes it is!

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