Pioneer Day Singing Time


I did a fun activity last year for Pioneer day July 24 that would be fun to do again. It was called “What is Your Favorite PIE-O-NEER” Song? (but it really means…..what’s your favorite PIE!)

What’s YOUR favorite Pioneer song?

I made a little pie chart with 8 different kinds of pies on the top listed; banana cream, blueberry, chocolate, lemon, etc. and the kids would come up and choose their favorite pie. I cut slits on either sides of the pie pieces but left about 2 inches up at the middle uncut, so the pie would stay together.  Underneath each pie piece was a song we needed to practice mixed in with 4 pioneer songs from the songbook.

Pioneer Songs for Pioneer Day….

It might be fun to bring in a few spatulas and have the kids come up and direct the music leading with a pie spatula or a pancake turner. That would be a lot of fun. Here are the songs I did;
1. Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked Flipchart from Jollyjenn is HERE.
2. The Handcart Song  The Handcart Song from Sugar Doodle link is HERE.
3. To Be a Pioneer

If You’re a Pioneer and You Know it then Your Face Will Surely Show it!!!

4. If You’re Happy and You Know It (change the words to If You’re a Pioneer and You Know It) and then use the motions clap your hands, march on the trail, shout “This is the Place”. 

Pioneer Day Singing Time!

It’s an imporant day to honor the pioneers. So maybe a short pioneer story in between singing the songs if you have extra time would be in order.  I can’t imagine how hard being a pioneer was in their day. I wouldn’t want to trade places with them, that’s for sure.  But I bet they wouldn’t trade places with us if they had the chance either. It’s not a cakewalk living in our crazy times. (or a Pie-o-neer trek…LOL) Happy Pioneer Day!                                           

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