Pioneer Day Singing Time


1. Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked  Children’s Songbook 2142. Little Pioneer Children  Children’s Songbook 2163. To Be a Pioneer  Children’s Songbook 2184. The Oxcart  Children’s Songbook 2195. The Handcart Song  Children’s Songbook 2206. Fun to Do  Children’s Songbook 253 7. When We’re Helping  Children’s Songbook 1988. If You’re Happy and You Know it Children’s Songbook )

I like EASY for making some fun singing time activities. So for Pioneer Day coming up I think a cute thing to do is spin for your favorite PIE -O-NEER song. You could make a giant spinner out of cardboard, or just cut a piece of construction paper circle into 8 sections and put a different song underneath each one. 
My favorite is To Be a Pioneer….it’s so easy to learn too! 

Kids can spin to choose a pie, and Pioneer Songs are underneath. I actually used scrapbook paper. 

An easy way to make a spinner is just place it on a table and use a pencil and a paper clip and use the point of the pencil on the inside of the paper clip and use your finger to flip the paper clip till it spins around the pie. Here’s a picture.

You could also do it with numbered, Pioneer Pinwheels! The link for learning how to
make one is HERE at Cafe Mom.
 Instead of numbers you could put song names, or pie names like I did, or just leave it at numbers and use it again and again. I would color each number in rainbow order though. No sense having it LOOK plain! We like CUTSIE here!  
Bring a broom handle and have the kids “walk and walk” around the primary room like they are pulling a handcart. They will LOVE IT!  
You could also come dressed with an apron and pioneer hat. Or get a few hats and pass them around on the teacher’s heads. I would have those teachers then watch for great singers in their classes to put the hat on for the next song sung. Boy’s hats could be straw hats, or you could add a few suspenders or vests. That is a GREAT motivator for some good singing to happen!! 

A link to a PDF of a Pioneer hat pattern is HERE from a stake that did a pioneer trek. So nice of them to SHARE! I love when that happens!  


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