5 Stars for Singing Time in August

Kids love a good bean bag toss. I do the beanbag toss for almost every classroom party we have all year. I just have a different shape to toss the beanbags through!


Put giant notes on the floor with a song name on it. OR better yet, put the OLYMPIC RINGS on the floor! Have a child throw a beanbag and then, sing whatever song the beanbag lands on. The wiggle, fun songs should be farthest away.

I like ideas like this because it is easy to make up and some weeks you simply have to practice the songs over and over to get them learned. But if kids have a game to play along with singing, it sure is more fun. And most of you are practicing like crazy for the Primary Presentation coming up!! 
My daughter gave me this idea that they do in her primary. She said her primary chorister made up 5 stars  using  the 5 stars on sticks. But one of the star sticks is a special one.  Just paint or glitter one of the stars with glitter. Call it the glittery 5th star.

Then sing the song, pick an adult to RATE THE SONG using from  5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars, etc.and then come up and pick that many star sticks.  If they only get one or two, then tell the kids what they need to do to earn 5 stars…..or better yet….THE GLITTERY  5th STAR! 

Glittery Star is the one to go for!!!   
The kids will work really hard to earn 5 stars.  They will want to try for the glittery star so they have to sing very special. Keep urging them on till one of the adults gives all 5 stars!

Try to think of some fun way to use the sticks. Maybe one of the kids in the class where the teacher rated the singing, could come up and hold all the stars and wave them to the music like they are leading the group.  Or that teacher could pass the stars to her class and they can sway them to the beat of the song. Anything that would be fun and motivating for the kids will be helpful during these last few weeks of practice before the big day.  Have fun all you stars out there! 


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