Primary Chorister October Activities and Puzzlers

 I went to the wedding of my bishop’s daughter this week. I had to snap pictures of some of the beauties of nature I saw in the beautiful outdoor setting. Aren’t these florals so pretty? I wish my flowers grew this good!  (black thumb) 🙁

Here is one I have not done but got the idea from another chorister. She writes the song title  on a piece of construction paper in a color. You could do several songs the same way, just be sure they are all written on different colors of paper.  Then she cuts the paper up into 4 or so pieces and tapes it in pieces to the bottom of several of the children’s chairs.

They have to come up if they found a puzzle piece (in a certain color) and the kids who found the “blue puzzle” try to put them up on the board and guess the name of the song with mixed up words.  When somebody does guess the song name, they get to help lead the music with percussion instruments or bells or just a conducting wand if that is all you have.

Here are my 3 little Granddaughters at Gardner Village going to see the Halloween Witches with me. 

 We also took a little trip to a cute, quaint shopping village in the Salt Lake area called Gardner Village. Every year they bring out these giant Witches at Halloween. It’s a fun destination for an afternoon of fun and photo ops!

We had to take some pictures. My pink and purple witch and little Minnie Mouse! 
We had a great time. The weather was so great, we even had some Utah sun in October! And the ducks were in the pond too. We got suckers, some Halloween jewelry to wear home, and then went out to dinner with
the moms and dads. It was such a fun time! 
Meg is doing her little part in the Primary Presentation this week for the first time. We of course have to go see it! She just turned 4.

I would bring some little percussion instruments, bells, chimes or a GIRL/BOY sign for the kids to have fun with in helping direct. You could also have a sign that says HUM/WHISTLE just for variety.
The kids all know the songs anyway so you probably aren’t still teaching new ones yet.

Use a set of these bells for kids to play along with the piano. It doesn’t matter what notes they play, but you could pick out just the c and e notes to start. 

Hopefully all of your PRIMARY PRESENTATIONS have been done and you are feeling a sense of pride and relief at the same time. 😀

I loved this picture so much I put it on my Facebook page. Yes I facebook too!

 My daughter’s presentation is coming up in a week so we are looking forward to seeing my 2 granddaughters say their parts they’ve been practicing. In the meantime, we have had a wonderful General Conference and in our stake we have Stake Conference next week. So it’s been a great time of year to get my bucket filled up! Yup!

I have a set of these and the kids LOVE to play these with wooden mallets (stick with a small ball on the end) They are a lot of fun.

I snapped this cute pic of the flower girl at the reception. So cute! And just Look at the beautiful Utah mountains near where I live. Can you believe this glorious fall scene?  I know…it’s so great!

Looking over the bridge to the water below at the witch on a raft…at G

Beautiful fall leaves on the trees and ducks in the pond. I love Fall!
 Hope you are taking the time to fill up on the beauties of Fall, my favorite season, where nature is at its very best.

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