IN HONOR OF DR. SEUSS….Bring in your Dr. Seuss Hat to Primary to choose songs OUT OF THE CAT IN THE HAT’S HAT for tomorrow! The kids would LOVE it if you dressed up like Thing 1 or Thing 2! 

Photo: I love the annual tradition of reading with Thing One on Dr. Seuss birthday. The second graders at Willow Springs get pizza on me since I tripped up on my speed read of Fox in Socks. The tweedle beetle battle gets me every time.

Here’s my old principal dressed up as Thing 1…super cute! I think I may try to dress
up in a “FOX IN SOX” outfit.  Ya think it’s too cheesy? Yeah, maybe so. I’m not a fox who am I kidding?

And I did these “THING 1 HANDPRINTS” in my classroom. Super cute, right? The kids LOVE DR. SEUSS stuff anytime! 

Now TODAY, MARCH 2ND  is Dr. Seuss Day and in my classroom we will celebrate it next week. But you could honor him tomorrow during singing time.

You could do some fun things hiding things in a  ‘CAT IN THE HAT HAT!” maybe like song titles? 

One fish…two fish…red fish…blue fish….
OR….you could have some “guess how many red fish in the cup?” and the kids who get closest can pick the song. You could have some red fish, and blue fish in baby food jars or little clear cups.

Or just put the songs behind some CAT IN THE HAT HATS. There are stickers all over the craft stores in honor of Dr. Seuss. Or just make some using markers on  striped hats you draw.

SOOOOO……bring your Dr.Seuss HAT into primary and put the songs in the hat and . Or you could tape them on hats on a board.. have some FUN THAT IS FUNNY!
 Dr. Seuss Rocks.

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