August Primary Singing Time Ideas. WWJD?

The kids are going BACK TO SCHOOL this week. And I always think it is a good reminder to them to be reminded of “What Would Jesus Do?” in any situation they are in where they have to make a choice how to act. It is so easy to just go along with the crowd. But remind them how Jesus would want them to set the example for others in their class of what a true follower of Jesus acts like.

Do What Jesus Would Do….

A good song to sing for this is “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus”.  The flipchart for that beautiful song is HERE.  Another one that was in the FRIEND MAGAZINE a while back is one of my favorites; “If The Savior Stood Beside Me’.  The flipchart for that one is Here.  I found a goldmine of Flipcharts at Jolly Jenn. I LOVE all these flipcharts I found at the Jolly Jenn website. You can just choose which one you want. She has like a GAZILLION.


  • Find pictures or have kids “ACT OUT”  situations where people are hurt, lonely, calling names,  or NOT being kind to others. After each picture or acting  is shown, discuss how kids  would react and then ask WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?
    What Would Jesus Do? 

    You could also sing “If The Savior Stood Beside Me?” Another great Song! Sheet music HERE.
    The flipchart can be found here for “If the Savior Stood Beside Me thanks JollyJenn.

    This is one of my alltime favorite Primary Songs; If the Savior Stood Beside Me…..
     For one scenario, you could show a homeless person on the street. This is something many people would ignore but Jesus would reach out to help. For another scenario, you could show two people fighting, a kid being bullied in the halls,  a student  who is new and sitting alone.

    Remind them as they start a new school year that people are always watching us to see how we will act. And we need to always be trying to be the best example of a Latter Day Saint, a missionary, and a Christlike person who tries to do what Jesus would do. 
    What Would Jesus Do? 

    I remember teaching my youngest that when he first went off to high school I wanted him to remember to smile and say “hello” to the child in the wheelchair or the overweight boy, be kind to the new person or , open doors for girls, and I generally gave him a lecture about kindness to others, even people who weren’t his friends. He was an outgoing popular kid who had tons of friends.

    Later, when he was killed in a car accident, many parents came privately to my house, telling me about specific instances where my son had been kind to their child, and had been a friend to them when nobody else was. Other kids wrote letters and mailed them telling me small kindnesses he showed to them. That made me feel so comforted as a mom. He tried to be like Jesus in small ways. It’s an important lesson for all of us to keep improving upon. I know I could do much better.

    I can’t believe this little girls, my first grandchild, is starting first grade this week! EEK! Where did the time go? 

    At this  Back to School Time, at beginning of a school year is a great time to set new goals. So try doing one of these wonderful songs this week. And remind your Primary kids  to Try to  BE LIKE HIM. 


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  1. Beautiful lesson–thanks for sharing. I will be incorporating this into singing time on Sunday.
    Love to you,

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