I just couldn’t resist putting these cute cupcakes up here. They turned out so ghoulishly cute! Plus we had our primary presentation last Sunday and it was really good. It’s time to take a break and rehash an old game and favorite songs you’ve done in the past. Or check out one of my old blog posts for ideas. In the meantime here is some fun treats to make for HALLOWEEN YUMMINESS!

Halloween Cupcakes; pumpkin cupcakes and vampire cupcakes too!
In the meantime, I hope your PRIMARY PRESENTATION goes well after all of your hard work!  And during your

I had about 7 different designs on my Halloween Cupcake treats AND some Halloween Skeleton Brownies too! 

        It was fun to make the “Purple People Eater” cupcakes with little eyeball superballs.

Halloween brownies made to look like skeletons were made from white chocolate covered pretzels. 

 My favorite Halloween treats were these brownie skeletons made from white chocolate disks for the heads and yogurt covered pretzels for the bodies. I had to put chocolate icing on the walnut brownies too.I added pretzels and white chocolate candy melts for the faces. The rest of the body I used just white buttercream icing and made the legs and hands with a pastry bag and a decorator icing tip.

Halloween Cupcakes…the spiderweb cupcakes and pumpkin cupcakes were super easy! 

Here is a plate of my finished cupcakes. Love the chocolate vampire cupcakes with M & M eyes and candy corn teeth. The bloody smiles are made from red fruit snacks cut into strips.

I had some spider rings at school I added to the spiderweb cupcakes but forgot to take pics afterwards. The mummy cupcake was super easy with M & M eyes

 I added a small box of vanilla pudding, 3/4 cup of sour cream and some butterscotch chips to the batter of the cupcakes. I also added half melted butter, instead of 1/2 the oil. It just tastes better. I hate cupcakes where I can taste the oil! Yuck!

 Finished Halloween cupcakes and treats on top. They were very colorful and very yummy too.

Cute Pumpkin Halloween Cupcakes

 The easiest Halloween cupcakes were the spiderwebs and pumpkins. Just chocolate chips for the jack-o-lantern faces. I  just added chocolate chips for the face and some pretty sprinkles over the orange and green icing.

Creepy Vampire Cupcakes for Halloween….super CUTE! 

This vampire cupcake was so cute. I thought it turned out cute with the brown sprinkles for the chocolate iced hair, and the M & M eyes. I made some eyes brown chocolate chip eyes  too. I couldn’t decide which one looked better.

Halloween Cupcakes! Lots of mummies, ghouls and spiderwebs! 

Notice the 2 colors of spiderweb cupcakes too. I think they both look really pretty. It would be a cute plate to just have the 2 flavors of spiderweb cupcakes for a party.

Gotta love a purple people eater cupcakes! 

 I also made a pan of brownies too. They were skeleton brownies. I added candy corn to the square brownies.

Skeleton Brownies were my favorite, and super easy too! 

 Check out all the sweet treat fun! I got a lot of inspiration from looking on Pinterest at cute treat ideas I could try. I love peanut butter cookies. I’d do the pumpkin kisses with peanut butter cookies instead of brownies.

Pumpkin Kiss Brownies at Daily Food Buzz are cute. 
At Food.Daily Buzz is the recipe for these cute yummy things. 

These Halloween Brownies are super cute. And they were super easy.  I love a mint flavoring for the icing and then I would tint the icing mint green. It looks so fun  like cute little Frankenstein and jack-o-lantern faces!

Here at Tidymom.net is a bunch of really sweet cookies to decorate for Halloween. I love the Spiderwebs and Candy corn coothe best! But it is the assortment that really makes the white serving plate look special!  
Here are my 2 little pirates at the Halloween Party. Argh! Matey! Have a Happy Halloween!


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