December Primary Singing Time


You are called of God. The Lord knows you. He knows whom He would have serve in every position in His Church. He chose you. He has prepared a way so that He could issue your call.

You are called to represent the Savior. Your voice to testify becomes the same as His voice, your hands to lift the same as His hands. His work is to bless His Father’s spirit children with the opportunity to choose eternal life. So, your calling is to bless lives.

There will be times when you will feel overwhelmed. One of the ways you will be attacked is with the feeling that you are inadequate. But you have access to more than your natural capacities, and you do not work alone. The Lord will magnify what you say and what you do in the eyes of the people you serve.”

Pres. Eyring

This is why Pres. Eyring is my favorite. He was my Ricks College President back in the day when I was in my very first year of college. That was a long time ago!!. He was nice then and he is just as nice now. If you ever feel overwhelmed or inadequate in your calling, come back and read this again. It simply makes me feel joyful.

We did Baptisms at Draper, Utah temple last week…..awesome! 

I just wanted to share that I found a bunch of my relatives on Family and my hubs and I went to the Draper, Utah temple and did baptisms for them. It was neat to have my hubs baptize me and do the confirmations too. I loved being there. We both used to be temple ordinance workers when that temple first opened and before that were ordinance workers at the Jordan River Temple. I miss it. There is no place like being in that peaceful, otherworldly place.

Christmas Bells are Ringing Flipchart at Sugardoodle!

Anyway, I love the music of the season. I always used to have the kids sing for Sacrament Meeting a week before Christmas. I loved to do CHRISTMAS BELLS ARE RINGING and AWAY IN A MANGER because they were both so easy to learn.
Picture a Christmas Song    When Joseph Went to Bethlehem Song

But I’ve also done PICTURE A CHRISTMAS and WHEN JOSEPH WENT TO BETHLEHEM too. They are two of my favorites. It’s not too late! Do a Christmas number. The parents love it and it special music always adds to the spirit of the meeting. mmmmhmmm…

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