January 2013 Goals and Motivation…His Grace Is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox

I can’t tell you how much this talk has buoyed me up this week. Does anybody else get kind of “down in the dumps” after Christmas? Moms all over the country work so hard during the holiday time and it sometimes feels like all that work and you didn’t feel really great after all the hoopla was over. Maybe, like me, you have unrealistic expectations? I know I get that way. I want everybody to just be ecstatic over all my work, gifting, dinners, and sing my praises or something. You know, it’s like when you are trying to keep the house just immaculate, but those toilets don’t scream “thank you!” for shining them up over and over, now do they? Nope.

All my work is done at this point. I was taking a moment to feel my accomplishments…..before the chaos began…..

Cinnamon Rolls doctored up a bit from Rhodes Rolls….

Morning brunch on Christmas Day…..I have made date nut bread, cinnamon rolls, hashbrown sausage casserole and corn pudding. Check them all out HERE at Weekday Chef my other blog. 

And I had out of town company in the form of my little 11 month old darling granddaughter and my son and his wife. And it was so fun to have them around. They are delightful, funny, great company and entertaining to us. But when they left I was kind of sad, you know how that is if you have kids who live around the country. I hate that part where they go and live their own lives! It shouldn’t be allowed I tell ya. 😀

My cute grandkiddos and my son Dev and his cute wife Caitlin.

Lena after eating spaghetti and enjoying it as you can see…..lol  

Then I heard about a really great person whom I have always admired that got excommunicated from the church. I was quite devastated. I just really care about this person and their family. His kids and I were in a play our stake put on called ” City of Joseph” a few years back. I just was very sad about it. And there are other things going on that make me kind of worried and sad about others’ lives in and out of the church and how it will all work out in the end. I hope it works out good for everybody of course. I have a big, bleeding heart and it can get me down at times worrying about everybody I care about.

The 6 grandkiddos all smiling at once!  

So my hubs found this talk for me and I have listened to it multiple times. My hubs is like that. He cares for me so well. And I just love Brad Wilcox. He is a teacher educator at BYU and I’m a teacher. I’ve gone to hear him speak on education and gospel topics (he was a mission president in Brazil and I got to hear him speak before he left) and he gives such a great message to all who are seekers and believers like I am. Maybe it will lift you up this New Year’s eve like it does me. There is so much hope and good in this world. I think if we actively look for it, and keep trying to improve in all the ways we are weak, then we will be made stronger, and we will feel more confident in our own progress on this earth. And when I feel confident and good about myself, I am happier. And when I am happy I can be of greater service to others.

Our goal is to find the JOY in this life, even when we struggle too. Life is still good! 

My newest grandbaby Chelsea and my hubs….I love these guys so much….

As I look forward to 2014 I realize that time and persistence and focus is what I have in my favor. I can choose to improve in small, little ways this year. I can keep focused on my small goals and persist over and over even when I feel I have failed yet again.  And I know the Lord’s grace will cover up my flaws and make all the difference when all is said and done. I know this is true and I testify of it. I feel His presence near me sometimes when I am doing something really good (usually serving others) and I so appreciate that spiritual gift that I’ve been given. I think as I get older, I realize it is rare.

My granddaughter drew this picture and gave it to me. I loved it so much I may have to frame it….

 I hope all my family can grow this year in strength of will, and the ability to serve others in a greater capacity. And I hope and wish for all of you so much LOVE in greater waves in the year to come! God Bless you all in 2014!


4 thoughts on “January 2013 Goals and Motivation…His Grace Is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox”

  1. You never fail if you keep trying! We are way harder on ourselves than our Heavenly Father or our Savior would be. They see the end from the beginning and we only see today most of the time. Love your blog! Take care!

  2. We ARE way harder on ourselves. I remember President Hinckley saying to us "You are doing better than you think!" so why don't we remember that when life gets us down. It is such a paradox isn't it. I heard another General Authority who was asked a question in our stake about "What constitutes Failure in the Home?" when he quoted David O McKay "No Success can compensate for failure in the home". And the GA said "Giving Up." Christ's grace is sufficient to "transform" us. Nuf said.

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