St. Patrick’s Day Singing Time

For St. Patrick’s Day Singing Time this year, you could add a bunch of leprechauns or shamrocks for cute decorations and put song titles on the backs of them. Kids love leprechauns. Or you could play hide the leprechaun and sing loud or soft (when kids are getting Hot and Cold near the leprechaun) . Send somebody out from one of the older classes while you hide it.

For singing time in March I’d use some leprechauns and some pots of gold and RAINBOWS! You could have the kids pick a colored strip of 6 different colors with a song on the back. Then they can add it to the top of the “POT OF GOLD”.(just a black paper pot taped up on the board). By the time you have sung 6 songs, you’ll have a RAINBOW! I would just do straight strips because it is easier. Then a straight rainbow will be coming out of the pot.

Well, the Irish holiday of St. Patrick’s Day almost upon us…..I decorated a bit at the house.

I love the cute little leprechaun my class made a few years ago out of empty lamination rolls….they were cute! And look at that awesome tablecloth I actually sewed myself! Yeah, I rock just a little bit on that machine. lol.  
Some of my favorite March St. Patrick’s Day story books I read to the kiddos in elementary. 
My classroom Calendar bulletin board….I change it out every month to match a holiday or the season. 

 I love the holiday full of rainbows. I taught the kids all about ROY G. BIV. That is the clown who reminds us of the rainbow color order.  Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. I just mix up indigo and violet and call it purple instead. Then they do a pot of gold with a 1 inch x 12 inch strip of each of the 6 colors and glue them on the back of a pot. We add fake coins glittered to the top.

We made Leprechauns, March Book Reports and some Leprechaun similes and pots of gold. 

Then when they come back in pick a song, have kids sing louder when they get “hot” or close to the leprechaun, and sing softer or slower when they get far away or “cold”.

This is a great way to practice over and over a song they need a little practice on before the presentation. Have fun with leprechauns!

My classroom St. Patrick’s Day Bulletin Board we just finished today at school. I love how it turned out with all these pots of gold and Leprechauns! 

My front entry room table decorated up with St. Patrick’s Holiday stuff. 
And in the meantime, here are some of the things I’ve been up to. Do you get the idea I’m IRISH? Well I am. My name is Pattie for heaven’s sake! I used to be a Russell. My grandparents on both sides are Irish and Scottish. I can’t help myself!  
I love this picture of 2 of my granddaughters from Chuck E. Cheese of all places!
I love this story The Luckiest Leprechaun! 
Coffee Table with Happy St. Patrick’s Day decor at my house. 

I love this holiday. It is fun to get out all the green stuff for March. I’m glad  we get a whole month to enjoy the Irish stuff. Kiss me I’m Irish!

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