Pioneer Day Singing Time Cake Walk with Pioneer Children

Well Pioneer Day is this week, so I was thinking of some fun things you could do!  I found a cute thing I still think would be fun for next week. The kids will do something with their families on Pioneer Day if they live in the U.S. We always celebrated it when our kids were growing up in California. If they live in Utah for SURE they will celebrate with a rodeo or a parade or something fun like that.

Here is a cute Pioneer Day color and glue ACTIVITY page to send home for the kids to color and cut out and fill the handcart. It is found  HERE at Squigglebop.

Anywho…..a fun idea I got from was to use the little tone bells and have some of the older kids come up and play to her color chart while you sing
l. LITTLE PIONEER CHILDREN using this flipchart HERE for the words. Check out my blog a few years ago when we did a PIE Chart for PIE-O-Neers HERE.

Pioneer Day Singing Time Fun 

Then dress up in a pioneer hat and apron and bring 3 kids up at a time to do the bells while you sing. Her color chart where she uses a pointer and points to the color so the child with the corresponding bell can play it is HERE. Just copy this chart. Or if you are like me and don’t want to use up all your color copy ink, then just draw circles and color them in with markers the corrsponding colors.

Pioneer Day Singing Time…..Check these TONE BELLS out on my store or HERE at Educational Aides.


Another cute idea was to do PIONEER CHILDREN SANG AS THEY WALKED. You could do a footprint cakewalk. HERE is a link  to some PRINTABLE SHOEPRINTS for the cake walk. You just start the music, kids get up (maybe a few classes at a time) and you have set out all the footprints (maybe 25 of them) in a circle around the outside of the room. They walk around as you all sing. Then the music stops. YOU pick a number between 1 and 25 and that person can have a pioneer treat of some sort (cookie, salt water taffy, lollypop or cupcake or mini Hershey’s candy bar wrapped in Pioneer saying etc.) It is fun and a good way to rehearse songs over and over that just need practice.

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