January Singing Time – Pin the Nose on Olaf

Play Pin the Nose on Olaf while you do some January Singing Time Songs in Primary. 

I was just in Walmart the other day picking up some New Year’s Eve snacks and I saw another sign that “Frozen” is still all the rage even a year after it came out. Now they have FROZEN cold cereal! Can you even believe that? Yeah. That’s what I was saying to myself. What the heck. And it isn’t the healthy stuff of course. It is some yummy, sugary concoction of course!

“Frozen” is now in cereal! What next! 

Well it got me thinking of some fun things you could do with Frozen. That Olaf Snowman is very easy to draw and cut out. I did the one above when we had a little “Frozen” party for all my grandkids a few weeks ago when everyone was in town. Check it out HERE at My Classroom Website.

My little granddaughter and the Frozen princesses last winter at the Ice Castles in Midway, Utah. 

You could put a bunch of carrots on the board with song numbers written on the backs of the orange paper carrots. Then have kids come up and choose a “nose”, sing the song, then while they are singing, have the child put on a ski mask (so as not to see) and “pin the nose on Olaf”. Just using a piece of tape is fine.

The kids would be so entertained they wouldn’t even know they were singing songs. You would have to do familiar ones for the most part. Then maybe at the end do a new one using a flip chart. This would be a blast to watch and see.

Some People are Worth Melting For, aren’t they? January Singing Time could be a lot of fun! 

Have fun with Olaf.  He’s got such a sweet message too. There’s always somebody worth melting for isn’t there? Yeah. There is.  Happy January!


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