Primary Music – February is Valentines Month!

Valentines Primary Music Time…

Now since Valentines Day falls on the Monday after February 13th on a Sunday, I would want to for SURE do something forValentines Day Primary Music for the holiday.  My favorite thing and the easiest thing to do for the chorister is to gather up 6 or 7 things from around your house that display the Valentine theme of LOVE, just cute decorations you have.  And I would attach a tiny piece of masking tape or a little yellow post it note to the back or bottom of each. Then I would write down the name of some songs you want to practice.  Here is the song for the month. Link HERE

The kids can come up and choose a Valentine item, and  flip it over to see what song we are singing. I might use the lighted up LOVE lamp,  this cute stuffed doggie, and the picture below with my youngest son and his new bride that recently got married in the temple. I’d use them as a springboard to talk about how much I appreciate being married in the temple, and how my family and I are sealed for eternity.

Cute pic of my son and daughter-in law, recently married in the St. Louis Temple!

 This is one of the easiest things you can do for a singing time. It doesn’t take a lot of prep, and the kids like looking at your cute stuff.  Now I ALWAYS preface an easy day like this with some story that I come up with about the theme for the day.  Notice what the sharing time is about and pray about that day’s theme. You will come up with a personal experience that taught you something about the subject. Then maybe since Valentines Day is a day to show love, you could ask the kids when they come up, to share with the group 1 way they can show love to their mom, dad, brother, sister or friend.  They will think about it, come up with wonderful things to share, and your job will be made easier by inviting the spirit into your meeting.

My newest grandbaby, Miss Josephine Erin (Josie for short) So CUTE!

 I was a temple worker in the Jordan River and later in the Draper, Utah temples for the past 3 1/2 years until we were released this past September.  So I usually had a story to tell from working there, things I had felt or seen, kids who had gotten sealed to parents, a new bride who told me how she felt about the temple, or seeing one of the 12 apostles going to a session that I was on. Sometimes it was just a spiritual experience that reminded me of a teaching from the scriptures or something I believe and can bear testimony of.

 Then we talk about the things I have brought and I always tie something in for the kids to now do, when their name is called.  You could come up with something similar, but always share something before you begin, just a minute or so where you teach the gospel in some way. Maybe a 1 minute scripture and thought to go with it,  if nothing else.

I might use a picture of my family, the potted geraniums in the heart pot…

For instance, at Thanksgiving time I brought in 7 different Thanksgiving items just from around my house; pilgrims, indians, turkeys, scarecrows, horn of plenty, etc.  I had the kids come up before choosing one and tell the group some things they are thanksful to their Heavenly Father for. Of course I started the ball rolling talking about  how one of the 10 lepers came back to thank the Lord and how I hope I will be found having gratitude and always giving thanks for things I notice the Lord has given me.

 These simple things always invite the spirit, and the kids have shared something that has an effect on their growth and testimony of the gospel.  And kids can be so darling. Many times they will surprise you by teaching you.

Pilgrims, pumpkins, cornocopia…all easy on a day you didn’t have much time to prepare….
just don’t forget to prepare something spiritual too….even if it is just short and simple…

I have LOTS of turkeys and scarecrows I used one singing Sunday…

At Christmas I would bring in a wooden Nativity set I purchased at Deseret Book when my kids were all small. We had the songs taped to the bottoms of all the different characters. As we had kids come and choose one, we had them help tell the story of the birth of our Savior and how everyone had a small part in the scriptures. 

Cute and indestructable Nativity set out of wood…Thanks Deseret Book!

This winter you can get a collection of snowmen and have fun with that.   These things are easy to put together but you can prepare spiritually to retell important scripture stories by getting the kids to help.  Everybody is edified, including you, because the spirit takes over and helps you teach by the power of that important presence. 

I’ve used a family of snowmen for a singing time idea…a song on the back of each!

Trust that when you have taken the time to prepare something spiritually, the pianist will help the kids learn the tunes, as you perform and model the words of the songs, but the spirit will embed the meanings and feelings of the words and music into their minds and hearts and assist you in doing your job.  I promise you that.

3 thoughts on “Primary Music – February is Valentines Month!”

  1. Hi Pattie,

    This is Liz Sproul (John's wife, used to be in the DD ward when we were first married). I clicked over to this blog from facebook today and just wanted to tell you how touched I am to see so much work and effort put in to your calling. I have always admired you so deeply, and it comes as no surprise that you would be someone who totally goes the extra mile in magnifying your calling. If only we were all so diligent! I am not the primary chorister, but if I ever am, I really, REALLY hope I will be able to use this blog as a reference. Thanks again for your example and insight :).

  2. Hi Pattie!

    These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing and for being a great school teacher too!

    Linda Freeman

  3. Thanks Liz and Linda. I thought that since I keep getting this calling over and over (4 times) maybe I'm just supposed to help somebody else with ideas this time. So I do feel good about sharing and maybe helping somebody who is new to this. You are both sweet friends, Thank you!

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