Songs in Easter Eggs in a Basket

Wasn’t conference last week great? I loved Jeffrey Holland’s talk. It is good to be reminded how hard the prophet works and how he’s got the same basic things he has to take care of in life that we do. I forgot about how much they sacrifice and their wives and kids sacrifice. I felt kind of sorry for his wife. I think it would be so hard to be that supportive ALL THE TIME. Those women must be absolute saints, and must also be very strong in their testimonies. Thanks Elder Holland, for reminding us of all the stuff President Monson does for us.

Easter Baskets filled with plastic eggs

This week would be a no brainer. Easter is next week and I think a very fun activity would be to put the songs for the day inside plastic eggs in a basket and then hide the eggs before the kids get into the primary room. Then call out one class at a time and they have to go hunting for an egg to know which song you are singing next. 

I have baskets of eggs all around the house!

I’ve got so many different kinds of eggs I could use. Just use what you have around the house. Or else go to Hobby Lobby where I bought 10 dozen plastic eggs for my classroom Easter Egg Hunt. They were on sale for half off of 77 cents! What a deal. 

Bring a hanging egg tree with songs on the backs of eggs…Add te giant Bunny egg just for fun!

Use the mirror ball eggs with a song on the back of each…

I had my grandbabies over for dinner last week so we put up all the Easter decorations around my house.  I think kids love to see all the symbols of Easter. But I would use up all the “cute stuff” this week and next week use the more Christ centered visual aids regarding the events leading up to the crucifiction and the glorious resurrection scenes.

Kids Easter Dinner Table…
The poor boy bunny got his eye bitten off by our naughty doggie Bruce…poor bunny!
My cute little Easter Chicky 9 month old Josie!

I made up an Easter Bingo for next week that has all religious symbols on the bingo cards. I will share that soon!

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