Easter Sunday

I think it is imporant that on Easter we talk of Christ and the most amazing event in all of history. It bothers me as a former Catholic to talk about events in the old testament or something on the Sunday lessons instead of give the day up to the greatest gift we’ve been given; the atonement of Christ. 


Kids know parts of the story but it is a great opportunity to tell the story again in pictures, visual aids, songs, and questions and answers format.  You could make up a large red TRUE and on the back tape a large blue FALSE sign  on poster board or cardstock.  i would make up 2 of them. Then have 2 children from the same class come up and ask them a questions about Christ’s crucifixtion and resurrection from the scriptures. Then they decide and show either the TRUE or the FALSE sign. Hopefully they both get it right. A link to questions from the Easter story are HERE at bible-questions.htm. You could also make up some on your own.

The Good Shepherd

You could also do my favorite question game; Resurrection Eggs.  I would do eggs with the articles inside according to this website post called Resurrection Eggs and is found at this link.  Another link that I also liked was found HERE at Women Living Well.For instance for the dime inside the egg there is the scripture event where men drew lots to see who would get Jesus’s robe and clothing before he is crucified. Or a small thorn on a rose stem piece would represent the crown of thorns given to Jesus before he walked with the cross.  You could take out some that you think may be too hard. But most of them someone in primary would be able to explain what it respresents.    I’ve had mine for about 8 years and I have done them with my family and hope to do them with my grandkids.  A visual of the eggs is HERE at Churchhouse Collection.  It is the same one as above but goes into more detail.  Just pick about 7 or 8 plastic eggs filled with one of the items to do with the kids. In between each egg sing a song.

Another Favorite is Resurrection Eggs…This would be my 1st choice.

Since Mother’s Day is coming up I always had the kids sing a few songs to mother in Sacrament Meeting. So I would choose a few songs to practice today and for the next week too.  An easy one is “Mother Dear I Love You So”.  And my favorite is “I Often Go Walking”.  I would teach those today and do the Easter Story in pictures in between songs. Get visual aids from the Sugardoodle website link here. Happy Easter!


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