Elephant Conducting Wand

It sure was fun last week on Mother’s Day. I enjoy my little granddaughters so much. They are the light of my life. Here’s a picture my daughter snapped of us hanging out together last week.

Conducting helpers for Primary Singing Time…..not!

I thought this idea for a “conducting helper” was a real hit! It is an elephant poster with a circle cut out for the “trunk” and guess what the trunk is? Yes, that’s right, your arm as it is conducting the songs!

Made by Brynn & Tifany from Port Orchard, WA.

Email- thoeche@gmail.com

A link for a tutorial on how to make the conducting poster is HERE at Sugar Doodle. Those kinds of things are always so engaging for the kids that they sing and don’t even realize they are putting in a lot of practice because they all want a turn to do the fun activity. Another kind of conducting wand that may be even easier is HERE at the Crazy Chorister. She just tied ribbons to a dowel to make a “conducting wand”.  Either way it would be a fun way to get kids to sing with you and be engaged in the music as you drill those verses of this challenging song.

Bubble Gum Bessie - the size of the bubble increases as the kids sing better!
This is a cute one I saw on Pinterest and you’d just use a balloon and have somebody in back blowing it up. with a pump. So cute! 

Have 1 child from each class come up and conduct a verse of the song. Still working on Praise to the Man? This will be a great help to keep up some motivation.  A flipchart for Praise to the Man is HERE. You could teach simple 1, 2 conducting. Most of the 4 year olds on up can do it.  For a senior primary maybe try the 4/4 time conducting. It is good practice for the older kids to learn conducting. Plus they practice singing while they are concentrating on their conducting arms! So you get 2 birds with one stone. Yay! Have fun conducting.


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