Do YOU Bleed Blue?

Well FOOTBALL is all the rage now, have you heard? Here in Utah the Utes just played the Cougars and crushed them at the end. It was Cougars ahead for the whole first half. I hate when that happens to the Lord’s school. Wah!!!!

The big rivalry game was last weekend….as you probably know BYU got beat!

Well it would be very fun to get some brown construction paper, and make up 10 footballs and then make a goal post out of white poster board or even paper.  Then get some good tape for the backs of the footballs.

Wall Football
I got this idea from Family Fun Magazine…the link is HERE for a Fun Football Game.

We got into the Football Spirit in my classroom too!
We had almost even bluebloods versus those who bleed red….

I have little nerf footballs I got from the Dollar Store.  Now you can have the teams be Utes versus Cougars like I would here in Utah or just use some of your local teams or even the high school teams in your town.  

BYU lover…..Go TEAM GO!

Throw the football out and whoever catches it gets to come up and play “pin the football between the goal posts”. Have them pick out one of your footballs (you could color them and put  The U on some and BYU on others, just a thought. 

UTE Lover….Rah, Rah! Aren’t those pom poms cute?
Turn the football over and sing the song on the back and pick kids out to throw the football back and forth during the song or run in place or practice “kicking” during the song, anything if you need some activity. Or else just sing. 
Then, comes the fun part.  Blindfold them, turn them around and then let them go. It should be fun to watch and see if he can make a touchdown goal, blindfolded.  Then start again and throw the nerf football out.  If you can think of other actions relating to football to do during the song, that would make it more fun. 

I think it would be a “hit” to play this during the beginnings of football season. Everybody around these parts  really gets into it. Go Cougars!

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